3 juveniles arrested after 73-year-old woman killed during Mid-City carjacking



Linda Frickey from New Orleans LA has been identified as the victim of carjacking by four teenagers.

Carjacking has turned into a wave in the USA where different people are getting injured one after the other. Lately, we have been hearing a lot of deaths and injuries following dangerous activity.

A rideshare driver recently got shot in a carjacking and he was in critical condition. Similarly, an off-duty police officer was also shot in the attempt of it. However, his condition was stable.

Who is Linda Frickey New Orleans LA?

Linda Frickey from New Orleans was a 73-year-old woman who became a victim of carjacking by four juveniles. She got identified as the dead but her culprits have not been named even though they are already arrested.

Her family is extremely wrecked by what happened to their near one. One of her sisters, Jenny Griffin described her as a loving woman who was giving. She’d have given the car if the children had left her to get out of the car.

Following many cases of the crime, Linda had created a magnet that read, ‘Don’t carjack me, kids, inside.’ However, this did not work and she had to give up her life due to a few careless teenagers.

Even the witnesses say that it was very hard to see what the lady went through and she definitely did not deserve that.

Even though 4 kids were responsible for dismembering the old lady, only 3 have been arrested till now. Following the teenager’s privacy law, their identities have not been revealed by the authorities.

One of the teens just turned seventeen and the others are 15 years old. It is quite sad that the future of tomorrow is not being responsible enough and taking care of the community they live in but instead are turning such violent.

Linda’s sister-in-law wants the children’s parents to be accountable enough for the incident. It is quite unfortunate what the old lady had to go through.

The witness tried to stop them but still couldn’t prevent the mishap. District officers received the call of the case and when they arrived at the crime scene, the victim was lying down and was pronounced dead at the scene.