Did you know that Samsung has launched a new Galaxy F series phone in India under Rs. 15,000? A phone that is loaded with many first ever features in the Galaxy F series. Yes, we are talking about the brand new Samsung Galaxy F23 5G that’s built for India’s Gen Z.

The Frevolutionary phone is loaded with several first ever features — first ever Snapdragon 750G processor, 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5 display, RAM plus, Voice Focus, Power Cool Tech and the first ever 50MP triple rear camera setup with a 123 deg ultra-wide lens. These innovative features make the Galaxy F23 5G powerful enough to compete with any device in its price range. Now let’s give you a sneak peek at the top 5 reasons to buy the Galaxy F23 5G.

Reason 1: Frevolutionary Snapdragon 750G processor that delivers unmatchable speeds
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We all know that a processor is directly responsible for the performance of a phone, starting from multitasking on your fav apps, playing intense games, surfing the internet or watching your favourite movies, it all depends on a processor. That is why Samsung has done a brilliant job by packing in the Snapdragon 750G processor for the first time in its Galaxy F series phone, not many devices in this segment have a Snapdragon 7 series processor. The Galaxy F23 5G lets Gen Z enjoy a lag-free performance at an affordable price and it can easily do all of the heavy-duty tasks without lagging or heating the smartphone. Hence, the better your phone’s processor, the smoother and fast the experience will be.

Reason 2: Voice Focus feature for those unexpected calls that you might have to take in a noisy environment
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Yes, we have all been there when we had to answer an important call right in the middle of a movie, or while hanging out in a pub. And due to the noise in the surroundings, it isn’t easy to hear what the person from another side is saying. Samsung has added an interesting Voice Focus feature that will help you peacefully answer the call, no matter where you are. This feature is the first ever in the Galaxy F series and boasts of providing complete voice clarity by cutting out the ambient noise in the background and increasing the decibel level of the receiver’s voice so that both the caller and receiver can hear each other loud and clear.

Reason 3: RAM Plus that expands up to 12 GB for enhanced performance
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A phone tends to become slow after a certain period, and there are several reasons for that. One of the most common reasons is the number of apps running in the background that keeps on increasing, and unfortunately, one cannot increase the RAM on their phone. But with Samsung Galaxy F23 5G in your pocket, you can increase it by double thanks to the intelligent virtual RAM Plus. So if you have the 6GB RAM variant, then you can easily expand the RAM up to 12GB and elevate your multitasking ability. You will never have to kill the apps running in the background to free your phone’s memory for a smooth performance. Switching between heavy apps will be easier and there’s no need to worry about the phone hanging or restarting suddenly.

Reason 4: First ever Power Cool Tech to keep the phone cool at all times
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A fast processor needs a feature that can keep the temperature of the device cool during heavy-duty multitasking and intense gaming sessions. India’s Gen Z is aware of smartphone heating issues and don’t want their phone to overheat unnecessarily while they are playing games or juggling between apps to get some important work done. To ensure that you never experience such an issue, Samsung has packed in a Power Cool Tech feature that dissipates the heat generated by the phone and prevents it from getting overheated.

Reason 5: 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5 display for stutter-free viewing experience
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Samsung Galaxy F23 5G comes with the first ever 120Hz display in the Galaxy F series. The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 for Frevolutionary toughness that protects the screen from scratches and breakage. The smartphone offers Frevolutionary smoothness with its 120Hz refresh rate for everything from scrolling through apps to playing games. It makes each interaction on the smartphone smoother and more natural. Samsung Galaxy F23 5G offers a cinematic viewing experience with its large full HD+ Infinity-U Display that makes watching movies and TV shows a truly immersive experience.

Best reason of all: Truly Frevolutionary prices and available on India’s biggest e-commerce portal
With a device like this having such great first ever features, the Galaxy F23 5G surprises everyone with its price tag. It comes at a very attractive price tag that has not only surprised us, but has taken the under 15k segment by storm.

As an introductory price, consumers can buy the Frevolutionary Galaxy F23 5G at just Rs.14,999 for the 4GB, 128GB variant and the 6GB, 128GB variant at just Rs.15999 (inclusive of ICICI Bank instant cashback worth Rs.1,000). With enhanced speed, a smooth and tough display, stunning camera and other several first ever features in the Galaxy F series, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G looks like a great smartphone if you’re looking for something under the Rs.15,000 price point. Sales start from 16th March, 12 noon only onFlipkartandSamsungonline store.

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