Who Is Pieter Kort Belleville? – Biography

Pieter Kort is believed to be Belleville’s lawyer. However, his biography is not known. The incident that involves him for meeting the car accident has been shared on the web by many media.

There was a three-vehicle collision that took away the lives of two sisters. As per Lindsay Young, who is the sister-in-law of Pieter, they were returning home from a family vacation in Florida.

Young stated, “Our family’s lives were changed forever on March 19 when the unimaginable happened.” She thanked the community for their enormous support. 

The two sisters who died were Madeline Kort and Joni Kort. Pieter’s wife is Jamie Kort, and their eldest daughter is Hannah, who is in critical condition. Their son’s name is Ethan.

As much as Linday and other family members are hopeful for the remaining Kort family to get well soon, we also extend our prayers and hope they would recover soon and go home safe.

Watch Pieter Kort Family Car Accident Florida Video On Twitter

Pieter Kort’s family car met an accident in Florida that has been spread all over the media rapidly, especially on Twitter. People are expressing their concerns over the family.

YouTube videos are sharing the news of the car accident. There are screenshots of their car accidents. The Gofundme page has been set up for Pieter and his family and as of Monday morning, it has raised under $251,000.

Almost every day, we come across death caused by road accidents. Many celebrities lost their life due to the accident. We request everyone to drive safely through this article.

Learn About Pieter Kort Obituary And Children

Pieter Kort along with his wife and children were on driving in a van through an intersection at around 6 a.m. Saturday in Clay County. They were on a March break trip to Florida.

Their trip ended up tragically for a prominent Belleville family over the weekend. There were Pieter, his wife, and their four children on board. As per the media, two girls were killed during the accident.

The 15 years old boy and Pieter were seriously injured and must be in the hospital. His wife and 16 years old daughter are said to be in critical condition. There is no obituary currently.