At the time of his death on June 17, 2022, Jean Louis Trintignant was married to his wife Marianne Hoepfner. They had been together since the late 1970s and got married in 2000.

Jean Louis Trintignant was a French actor, racecar driver, and director. He started acting on stage in 1951. According to his Wikipedia page, he went on to be known as one of the best French dramatic actors of the postwar era because he was in so many great European films.

Trintignant became well-known with the movie “And God Created Woman.” Then, in “A Man and a Woman” and “The Great Silence,” he played a romantic lead that made him a star during the French New Wave. Trintignant declared his retirement from film on July 20, 2018, but in March 2019, he accepted a part in Claude Lelouch’s film Les plus belles années d’une vie, a sequel to Un homme et une woman and its sequel Un homme et une femme, 20 ans dejà.

Let’s find out more about Jean Louis Trintignant and get to know his wife Marianne Hoepfner better.

Jean Louis Trintignant Femme Marianne Hoepfner Photo?

At the time of his death, Jean Louis Trintignant was married to his third wife, Marianne Hoepfner.

There are several websites on the Internet where you can see a picture of the couple. They met after Jean had split up with his second wife, Nadine Marquand, in the late 1970s.

Jean and Marianne stayed together until the year 2000, when they decided to get married.

Marianne is also a racecar driver, just like Jean. In fact, Marianne was Jean’s co-driver at the 1982 Monte-Carlo rally, where they finished 51st in a Peugeot 104 Z. This is according to Marianne’s Wikipedia page.

Jean was already married twice before he married Marianne. In 1954, he married Stéphane Audran, but they were only married for two years before they split up in 1956. She was a French actress.

Jean married Nadine Marquand in 1960, after he had gotten a divorce from his first wife. Before ending their marriage in 1976, they were married for 16 years.

What Is Jean Louis Trintignant Wife Marianne Hoepfner Age?

The real age of Marianne Hoepfner is 78, and she was born in 1944.

In the same way, she has her birthday every year on April 7. Every year on her birthday, her family and friends wish her well and give her gifts.

Marianne’s zodiac sign is Aries, which is based on the actual date of her birth.

Using her zodiac sign, Aries, to make guesses about her personality, people with this sign tend to be spontaneous and brave.

Who Are Jean Louis Trintignant And Marianne Hoepfner Enfants?

The couple Jean Louis Trintignant and Marianne Hoepfner do not have any children together.

Before Jean’s death, the couple had been together for many years, but they did not have any children together. You can’t find anything on the internet about Marianne having her own kids, either.

But Jean and his second wife, Nadine Marquand, were together for 16 years and had three children. The Trintignants had three children: Vincent, Pauline, and Marie.

Vincent, their first child, is still alive, but their other two kids died before their dad. In 1969, their daughter Pauline died of crib death, which is a sudden, unexplained death in babies younger than a year.

In the same way, their other daughter, Marie, was killed by her boyfriend in a hotel room in Vilnius, Lithuania, when she was 41 years old. Marie and her father both performed at La Terrazza, and Marie went on to become a successful actress.