The most leading names in the field of the Indian gaming Free Fire community Raistar and Ajjubhai are running two triumphant Channels on Youtube. If we talk about their subscribers one has 23.3 million and the other one have 4.19 million subscribers on their channels. Both the names are famous for their marvellous and exhilarating gameplay. This blog is particularly talking about the data of the players and the comparison in the gameplay of Garena Free Fire.  The Free Fire ID and data of Ajjubhai’s is 451012596. He has participated in 11305 squad games and has defeated his rival in 2729 games so far.

Ajjubhai foremost a win rate of 24.13% and in this procedure, he has evicted 42222, maintaining a 4.92 K/D ratio. 14797 have already been headshots with a percentage of 35.05%. Not only headshots but in 1676 pair games he has 310 Booyahs and that is compared to the percentage of win 18.49%. Has the ratio of headshots is 33.93% along with a ratio of 4.77 in K/D. So far he secured 2213 headshots and  6522 kills.

Ajjubhai has played solo games which are in the number of 907 and won 79 games out of these and a win rate is 8.71%. He has successfully maintained a 2.78 K/D ratio along with 734 headshots and 2300 kills. The headshot percentage is 31.91%. Out of 568 squad games, the Youtuber has achieved winning in 103 games which makes the rate of win 18.13%. He has made a register in kills 2292 and headshots of 949 so far.

Ajjubhai has also taken part in eight pairing games in the occurring ranked season and has secured three of them. The win percentage of Ajjubhai game is around 37.50%, Ajju has complied 48 kills, keeping a ratio of K/D 9.60. He attained 11 headshots and the K/D ratio is around 22.92%. Not only pairing games but he also played two matches of solo.

Now let’s talk about the second prominent Youtuber Raistar’s and his free Fire ID and data is 12022250. In the total matches of 2672 games, Raistar has won 15823 which increase the win percentage of Raistar which is around 16.88%. He has 52265 assassinates and headshots of 24663. The Youtuber has contested in 4477 duo matches and has defeated his enemy in 705 which comprises the win ratio of around 15.74%. In the K/D ratio of 3.81, the content creator captured 1453 assassinates.

He has registered 3522 games in their account and endured undefeated in 401 out of them and compiled a win rate of 11.38%. Raistar’s has torment up 10734 assassinates, and he registered 4661 headshots. His headshots percentage is 43.42% and the K/D ratio is 3.44%. He played in 284 squad games and registered victory in 12 out of them and the win rate us 4.22%. He also played two pairing matches in which he killed 14 and make sure the win percentage of 12. He also played solo matches which are 2 in numbers.  Now if we compare them Ajjubhai is leading the counterpart in win rate as well as K/D ratio but Raistar leading in the percentage of headshot.