Alan Fletcher is an Australian theater, musician, television, and film actor who opened out about his alopecia fight after fans expressed worry over hair loss.

Alan Fletcher is best known for his role as Karl Kennedy in the TV soap opera Neighbours. Alan’s on-screen wife is played by Jackie Woodburne, who also played his sister in the TV procedural drama Cop Shop.

Alan is also the lead vocalist of the Waiting Room band, including Chris Hawker, Tommy Rando, and drummer Jeff Consi.


Neighbours Star Alan Fletcher Seems Going Bald Now

Alan Fletcher, well known for portraying silver fox Karl Kennedy on the long-running drama for over three decades, recently startled viewers by becoming fully bald.

Alan has now comforted his social media admirers by saying that he lost his signature grey hair and beard owing to a struggle with alopecia areata, which caused uneven hair loss.

When it comes to the professional life, he played Henry Higgins in a performance of My Fair Lady at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre in 2005. Fletcher is also an active member of the Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance, where he was an outspoken critic of the 2004 US-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

In 2008, Alan appeared as Frank McGee in the Call Girl the Musical workshop season and as Captain Hook in the pantomime Peter Pan at His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen.

He spent time in Old Melbourne Gaol in 2011 to collect funds for the charity Whitelion. He and fellow Neighbour castmates Stefan Dennis, Valentina Novakovic, and Jordy Lucas had to fund $1,000 to break out.

In May 2013, Alan and Saskia Hampele presented Joseph Thompson with the Best Newcomer award at the British Soap Awards.

Alan Fletcher Hair Loss And Alopecia Battle

On Instagram, Alan Fletcher wrote: “There has been some fear voiced on the internet that I am ill. I can promise you that I am in good health and am now filming the final episodes of Neighbours EVER!

Alan stated that he suffers from alopecia areata, a disorder that causes patchy hair loss. He has also created a film to explain the ailment, which can be viewed on his website and the Neighbours Facebook page.

He stated that he shaved my beard and that his hair had become so uneven on his head that he had to get rid of much of it.

Alan stated that he had no objections to it and it was rather enjoyable. But one thing he would emphasize is that alopecia areata may be pretty significant for people, especially emotionally.

Sudden hair loss is quite upsetting for many individuals, especially young people who might be bullied, and there is help available.

Alan Fletcher Latest Health And Illness Condition

Alan Fletcher stated that he would assure everyone that he was in perfect health and thanked his followers for their concern.

Alan stated on his official website in September 2010 that he would be touring the UK with Tommy Rando in November and December of that year. On his UK tour, Alan went on The Xtra Factor on November 28, 2010, to debate the show’s prospective winners. 

He performed at the Shepherd’s Bush branch of the bar chain Walkabout in September 2012 to benefit Blue September, a charity that raises donations for cancer research.