Alya Manasa Baby Name: Actress Alya Manasa gives birth to second child: In this article, we are going to be talking about the most famous actress Alia Manasa. Her name is Wings getting on the Internet and everyone want to be graph detailed information about her as well as her personal life platform to grab update about the same. A period in Hindi reality show whose name is, “Manada Mayilada.” later she has been also seen in the lead role, her name is Raja Rani the first sequel she has been always seen in the second sequel of the same daily soap. Follow More Update On

Alya Manasa Baby Name

Sanjeev  Rani and industry having seen fall in love with each other later they both type and not to 2019 in the real life. The actress’s husband later got pregnant in 28 minutes and she gave birth to her beautiful daughter on March 20, 2020. Cheetah Vidyut course Taran and l also bless her as a father of a mother of all set for the sequel of Raja Rani 2.

So today husband of an actor took to his social media plan Alia gave birth to their second child and the time it was a boy. He took to his Instagram and there he has been shared the picture of his wife along with his son. Other than this he has been also writing a caption that reads, “We are blessed with Boy baby both baby and mom doing fine thank you so much for all your blessing.”

Alya Manasa gives birth to second child

Before this, he also shared teg picture of the baby shower photoshoot in which we can see that his wife is in a green dress whereas he is in a black suit and the actress is flaunting her baby’s womb. Both of them are looking at each other’s eyes and also smiling at each other as well.

Sanjeev is happy as he has been also added, “And yes, we have Cast Alya’s Pregnancy belly bump to treasure permanently. We don’t have expressions or words to express our thanks  to @thaarikha_breastmilk_jewellery for Creating this most touching Belly casting on our order.”

He further said that “We are so happy that we are capable to welcome our Cute little newborn along with his womb and we are confident that it applies vibe of Positivity. Thanks to @thaarikha_breastmilk_jewellery for Satisfying our needs on our special day.”

Their fans are also happy for them and now they are taking over to Twitter to show their happiness and congratulate them too.