Jimmy Whitney Hill’s death has added one more tragedy to Ukraine-Russia’s invasion. His loved ones mourn for the Minnesota native.

Jimmy Whitney Hill’s beloved ones confirmed his death. He was a native of Minnesota living in Ukraine; while Russia invaded the country.

After the invasion, Whitney was giving updates about the situation on Facebook. He mentioned bombs intensely falling into the area where he was residing.

Tragically, Jimmy passed away while trying his best to survive the Ukraine-Russia war 2022. More updates on the American teacher who took his last breath in Ukraine.

James Whitney Hill Death And Obituary News

James Whitney Hill passed away recently during 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. His loved ones mourn his death while confirming the tragic obituary news.

As per the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster News outlet, the Russian troops fired the people in Chernihiv, a residential district. James was one of those innocent people; who got killed while trying their best to survive.

Also, the victims in the city have not got identified yet. Regardless, Jimmy’s sister, Katya Hill, revealed his death after officers discovered the deceased body.

Everyone who knows Whitney is devastated by his demise during the invasion. They prayed for his soul along with other victims during the attack.

Details On American Citizen Teacher James Whitney Hill Killed In Ukraine

James Whitney Hill was an American citizen living in Ukraine. He hailed from Minnesota and lost his life in Ukraine during the war.

Whitney teaches in several different universities in European countries, along with Ukraine. He was mainly known as the teacher of forensic psychology.

Additionally, he was known as an associate professor at the University of South Bohemia and a visiting teacher at the American Common Law Republic.

James Whitney Hill’s Wife Sickness Explained

James was married to his wife, Ira, also his former student. However, in 2013, his sweetheart, Ira, got diagnosed with an illness named; multiple sclerosis.

James started living in Kyiv with his wife with the pandemic hitting in 2020. Following his wife’s sickness, Whitney found a doctor in early 2022; who specialized in multiple sclerosis.

When the war tragedy of the Russian invasion occurred, Hill’s wife, Ira, was in Chernihiv’s hospital with her mother.

How Did James Aka Whitney Jimmy Hill Die? Family Grieves His Death

James, aka Jimmy Whitney Hill, died along with other civilians; while he patiently waited on the breadline. He passed away at 67-years-old on 17 March 2022.

His family and every loved one currently grieves for his tragic death, while his sister, Katya Hill, identifies his deceased body.,