Bronson Varde is a Hawaii contestant on American Song Contest. What is his age? If you are curious to explore Bronson’s bio, then continue reading the article to the end. 

Bronson Varde is a Hawaii contestant on American Song Contest who grew up following Hawaiian and island reggae music, termed “Jawaiian” by the locals. 

Moreover, Hawaiian and island reggae styles of music heavily impacted him as a songwriter, and he still comprises it into his music today. Additionally, Varde has become the media limelight for his appearance on the show and fabulous singing style. 

Similalry, Bronson revealed that he continues to follow his fondness for music and songwriting in hopes that his songs will be heard around the world one day. 


American Song Contest: Who Is Bronson Varde From Hawaii?

Bronson Varde is a Hawaii-based singer-songwriter who gained fame for his appearance in the American Song. Moreover, he is not just famous for his songs. Besides, Varde is also recognized for his wonderful Hawaiian and island reggae-style music.

Similalry, Varde has a decent personality, which could be one of the primary reasons behind his fan following. Moreover, Varde has already gathered much love and support from his fans. 

Additionally, Varde enjoys a decent number of fan following on his social media platforms, including Instagram. Not to mention, Bronson hasn’t shared much about his details publicly on the media sources yet. 

However, we can explore Varde’s short bio from different online sources.

Bronson Varde Age And Wikipedia Bio Explored

As soon as Bronson Varde was recognized on the show, American Song Contest people seemed curious to know more about him. But unfortunately, Varde hasn’t shared any of his details on the online platforms. 

Moreover, Varde’s age is still under review; therefore, the complete insiders into his age and birth details are yet to get discovered. However, we can roughly speculate Bronson’s age to be around 25-28 years. 

Nevertheless, we will continue our research and provide the information about Bronson soon in the upcoming days. Likewise, Bronson is yet to get featured on the official page of Wikipedia. 

We can say Bronson is maintaining a low-key profile; therefore, we can barely talk about his childhood memories. But, we know that he is from Ewa Beach, HI and the singer has always had a keen interest in the music vocation since an early age. 

Meet Bronson Varde On Instagram

Bronson Varde is hyperactive on Instagram, where we can follow him under the username @vardebigbody

Similalry, Bronson has amassed more than 20k followers on the platforms. The artist has shared 120 posts so far, and it seems like he often communicates with his fans online.