Amphibia Season 3 Episode 11 and 12 Release Date and Time Revealed!: Amphibia Season 3 is one of the most popular and anticipated animated TV series. Currently, the viewers are enjoying the third season of the series. The series is getting much attention from viewers. There is a huge fan base for this series. Many people have been following the series since its first season. The third season of the series has got the same response. Right now, the viewers are waiting for the next episode of the series which is going to be released today on its regular platform. In this article, we are going to provide you with all information about the upcoming episode including its release date, time, where we can watch it. Follow More Update On

Amphibia Season 3 Episode 11 and 12 Spoiler

Amphibia Season 3 Episode 11 is scheduled to be released on 26 March 2022 on Disney Channel. The series is created by Matt Braly. The third season of Amphibia is nominated for Emmy awards. The series made its premiere of the third season on 02 October 2021. And, after the ninth episode, it entered a gap. On 19 March 2021, it resumed with the release of the tenth episode. Amphibia is high-rated series so far.

Amphibia Season 3 Episode 11 and 12 Release Date and Time

Amphibia is mainly a kid series. Now, the 11th episode of the series is going to release in two parts- 11A and 11b, 11A is titled Commander Anne and is directed by Roxann Cole and Kyle Spears, while it is written by Todd McClintock and it features a storyboard by Silver Paul and Alexa Swanson. The second part (11B) is titled Sprivy, directed by Joe Johnston. It is scripted by Adam Colas. It is storyboarded by Drew Applegate and Eddie West. The episodes are scheduled to be run on Saturdays.

In the first part of Episode 11, Anne will be leading the Wartwood Resistance. She is not specifically good at this job. Now, it will be interesting to watch how will she perform her role as the leader. During doing so, she could be the reason behind trouble for herself and the team. In the second part of Ep 12, it will be focusing on Ivy and Sprig. They will work out a plan and do their best to try to be together. You can watch Episode 12 on the Disney channel at 09:30 pm on 26 March 2022. You can also catch episode 12 on the online streaming platforms including Youtube TV, DirecTV, Sling TV, and Disney+. Do not miss watching the 12th episode of Amphibia Season 2. Stay connected with us for more updates.