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Antony Ressler Bio

Antony Ressler born Antony Peter Ressler is an American businessman. He co-founded the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in 1990; and co-founded the private equity firm Ares Management in 1997. Ressler and Grant Hill are both owners of the Atlanta Hawks. They purchased the team on June 24, 2015 for an estimated $730 million – $850 million.

Antony Ressler Age

He was born on 16 July 1959. As of 2018, he is 59 years old.

Antony Ressler Family

He was born to a Jewish family. He is the son of Dorothy Ressler, his mother and Ira Ressler, his father. He is also a brother to Richard Ressler, who is a principal and founder of CIM Investment management and Broadway producer Debra Ressler, is married to Apollo co-founder Leon Black. He is the husband of Jami Gertz with whom they are parents of: Oliver Jordan Ressler, Nicholas Simon Ressler and Theo Ressler.

Antony Ressler Wife |Antony Ressler and Jami Gertz

He married actress Jami Gertz on 16 June 1989. Together, they have three sons: Oliver Jordan Ressler (born 1992), Nicholas Simon Ressler (born 1995), and Theo Ressler (born 1998).

Antony Ressler House

His house is located in  21, Beverly Park Terrace.

  • Home Size: 13,049 Sqft
  • Beds: 7
  • Baths: 10

Antony Peter Ressler

The real name or birth name of Antony Ressler is Antony Peter Ressler.

Antony Ressler Ares Management

He co-founded Ares Management in 1997 with former Apollo Global Management co-worker John H. Kissick and Bennett Rosenthal, who joined the group from the global leveraged finance group at Merrill Lynch.

Antony Ressler Politics

Ressler serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; as Finance Chair and member of the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; as a board member of Campbell Hall Episcopal School in Studio City, California; is one of the founding members of the board and Finance Chair of the Painted Turtle Camp, an organization that takes children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses on camping trips.

Antony Ressler Atlanta Hawks | Antony Ressler Hawks

Ressler and Grant Hill are both owners of the Atlanta Hawks. They purchased the team on June 24, 2015 for an estimated $730 million – $850 million.In 2015, Ressler formed a group that includes former NBA player Grant Hill, Sarah Blakely, Jesse Itzler, Steven Price, and Rick Schnall, to purchase the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association.

Antony Ressler Milwaukee Brewers

In 2005, he belonged to an investment group that made a successful bid led by Mark Attanasio to purchase Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers.

Antony Ressler Net Worth | Antony P. Ressler Net Worth

According to the 2018 net worth release, he has a net worth 2 billion USD.

Antony Ressler Facebook

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Antony Ressler Instagram

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Antony Ressler News

Billionaire Antony Ressler & Laurence Fink: Becoming Successful In Finance


Ares I think we’d call or referred to as an alternative asset manager. Our job of course is to manage money on behalf of individuals and institutions and of course our job above all is to try to invest effectively over the long term for our investor base whomever that might be in whichever assets they might be interested in. And in our particular company it’s broken really between three. Semi autonomous pools of capital one focusing on credit both liquid and illiquid one focusing on private equity and one focusing on real estate assets and our job is to invest successfully over the long term and continue to perform and grow. What’s with the Greek god of war. Well as I have to acknowledge we started I guess I started in the investment business post Drexel with a firm called Apollo Management and that we started in June of 1990 which was the god of Heeley. And we started as really the credit arm of Apollo in 1997. And we needed a separate brand. We were trying to use the mythology narrative and we wanted to start with an A because we like when our name is on the left versus the right.

And I know it all. And lo and behold we found areas of course when you do your homework and you find out it’s the God of War and not a terribly attractive God but well we’ll move on to other important things and hasn’t hurt us that much so often there’s longevity I can help you spin it if you will. Yes and we’ve been doing that for 20 years and I that you have. All right Larry what about Black Rock.

It’s pretty similar to how Tony described dairies were an investment and resettlement organization or we manage large pools of money. And our job is to make people’s financial futures better. None of the money is ours. It’s all individual money and institutional money. We have a huge responsibility. We have to earn that responsibility every day and because of our scale we manage asset classes across the whole spectrum. And you know we do have. Large commitments from large entities worldwide that the trust in us. So our job is to produce the positive returns that they’re looking for every day. Our job is to give them insight having the resources that we have. We have unique information that allows us to give a differentiated service. But you know the the baseline is very similar with Tonis that our job is to produce investment returns for people to have a better financial future in their life.

So the six point three trillion number is mind boggling as Judy said. I remember when you passed a trillion I thought it was a lot. You get asked this a lot Larry but is it too big and you say it’s not your money it’s everyone else’s money. But is there a risk inherent in being that large.

Well we manage to know hundreds and hundreds of different indexes or liabilities. I answer the question two ways yes we are to a large if we are not doing the job that clients are expecting from us. We’re too large if we’re not producing the returns or we’re not meeting the expectations of our clients. And I would say in the last few years our growth is actually accelerating. We’re winning more assets because we have been providing the returns that our clients are looking for and the insights. But a big on a macro basis we actually shrunk. Because of the global capital markets are growing actually faster than BlackRock. And as long as the global capital markets are growing.,