Are you guys excited to know the next update of the show “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on 14th April 2021. The show is currently portraying a high-voltage drama in the storyline and make the viewers hook up with the television screen. The forthcoming episode of the show is ready to unfurl an exhilarating drama, the lives of two important women of Veer are in danger now and he is doing all the possible things in order to save their life especially the life of Rani. He made a dangerous plan for saving the life of Rani and in this plan, he asks Inspector to help Rajeshwari to get escaped from prison at least for one day.

Now let’ see what happens next in the story and how Veer’s plan works or Is he able to save the life of Rani? So let’s begins the update of today’s episode, the show starts with Rajeshwari who is asking Veer about the things that are happening. Dikvijay says to Veer that they don’t know where is Rani and we also need to be careful with Rajeshwari and we have to hide her from the eyes of everyone. Rajehswari says today Dikvijay handles the thing but how long this will going to happen and how long she is going to hide in her own house.

Veer says to Rajehswari that he wants to find out who wants Rajeshwari’s release from the prison farther than her family. Rajeshwari says may the inducement of the kidnapper is different. On the other side, Nanthini is worried after remembering the words of Jay who menace to expose her name in front of the Police, and her family will be under stress after knowing this thing. Rajeshwari says if Rani is already escaped from the kidnapper’s place then why she did not reach here yet. Rajamata says I think Rani’s life is still in danger and we have to save her life from the kidnappers and then she prays from god to save her life.

On the other side, Rani gets to know about the Gangaur festival and remembers that Rajmata tells her the importance of this festival and also thinks that why Kidnappers lies about her escaping. She thinks that she has to escape from this place at any cost. On the other side, Jay thinks to take revenge on Rani for his insults and says nobody is going to save her. Today’s the police will trace the location of the place where Rani is captured by the kidnappers and after hearing this Jay will be scared and goes to that place. To know the update of the next episode stay tuned with us and we will back tomorrow. Till then enjoy the episode of “Apna Time Bhi Aayega” on the Zee TV channel at 7:00 PM and do not forget to read other articles on our website.