Charli XCX is an American singer and a professional songwriter. She has been dealing with a lot of media attention and gossip about her breakup rumors with her boyfriend Huck Kwong.

The singer’s real name is Charlotte Emma Aitchison whereas her stage name is Charli XCX. She is a young and full of talented woman who has gained a lot of love and support from her fans.

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Who Is Charli Dating Now? Learn Her Relationship Status

Charli has been dating her long-time boyfriend Huch. The couples have had quite a dramatic relationship throughout the years.

The couples have been getting a lot of love and support from their fans. They are always in a limelight because of their relationship.

Charli and Huch started dating before Charli got all the fame she has today. Since then their relationship has been growing stronger day by day.

Are Charli & Huch Kwong Dating? Everything To Know About Their Relationship

Charli and Huch have been dating for over seven years, which is a huge success in a relationship in today’s generation. According to some sources and online media the couples have had on and off relationships.

They are currently dating and have had a good relationship so far. They both love each other and always support one another in good and hard times.

Huch is a model and a video game producer. He has an American mother and a Chinese father, talking about his siblings he has one elder sister who is 32 years old, her name is Lily Kwong.

Charli and Huck had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship but they still managed to overcome them. They have been living together and have a great bonding.

Charli And Huch Breakup Rumors: Who Is She Dating Now?

Before dating Huck Kwong, Charli XCX dated filmmaker Ryan Andrews. At the outset of her career, Andrews directed several music videos, including “Nuclear Seasons” (2011), “You (Ha Ha Ha)” (2013), and “Super Love” (2013).

Huck Kwong, whom Charli XCX previously dated in 2014. They have been friends since 2012, have been in a long-term relationship, and have known each other for over ten years.

Charli revealed in one of her interviews that her relationship was almost over but quarantine saved their relationship. She also said that she and her boyfriend’s decision to live together during corona help them build trust and love each other again.

The singer also added that she is very lucky to get a man like Huch who is very loving snd caring. Charli’s song “I Finally Understand” is inspired by her love life with her sweetheart Huch which she wrote after quarantine.