Are Eric Hunter Jr. parents divorced? Learn about his siblings and family in the article. 

Eric Hunter Jr., a college basketball player, plays Guard as a senior at Purdue Boilermakers men’s basketball.

He hails from Indianapolis, IN, and attended Tindley Prep High School. 

Ranked as a 4-star shooting guard by Rivals, Hunter chose Purdue over Minnesota, Nebraska, Butler, Ohio State, and Creighton and committed to the Boilermakers on September 25. 

The young talent currently is majoring in selling and sales management and enjoys drawing and painting portraits.

Eric loves to incorporate his parents on social media, but they are barely spotted together. Seeing this fans are desperate to know if his parents do not stay together. 

Let’s find out if Eric Sr. and Bridgett Hunter are actually divorced.


Eric Hunter Jr Dad Eric Sr And Bridgett Hunter: Are His Parents Together?

Eric Hunter Jr was born to his father Eric Hunter Sr. and his mother Bridgett Hunter on 23 January 1999 in Indianapolis.

Eric Sr. hails from Cleveland, Ohio. And Bridgett is a Henderson, Kentucky native. They both graduated from Kentucky State and moved to Indianapolis almost 25 years ago. 

Keeping their introduction aside there are no such reports to clarify if the Hunter couple is divorced. 

Judging their relationship based on pictures could be absurd since not even their son has not spoken about the subject. 

Hence, due to a lack of confirmed sources to talk about this matter, we hereby, cannot state them divorced. 

Does Eric Hunter Jr Have Siblings?

Well, it does not seem Eric Hunter Jr has siblings. 

Apart from his parents, he has never talked about the rest of his family members. And, if he had siblings, he would give them space on his social media.

But, unfortunately, there isn’t a single picture. Neither the athlete has ever talked about his sibling if he had one. 

Hence, we believe he is a single child of his parents. 

 It seems Eric Hunterr Jr.’s family comprises only three members. His father, Eric Sr., his mother Bridgett, and he himself.

A small and hopefully happy family. 

Other than what we talked about in the rest of the paragraphs, did you know that Hunter is not related in any way to the former Purdue quarterback, Eric Hunter, who was shot and killed in July in his hometown of Hampton, Virginia.