Are Jack Harlow And Tyler Herro Friends?

The internet is currently covered with the news of Tyler Herro cheating on his girlfriend, Katya, who is also the baby mama of his 10-month old daughter. So, fans are curious to know whom he cheated over.

Tyler Herro is a renowned American professional basketball player who plays for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Meanwhile, Herro played college basketball for one year with the Kentucky Wildcats.

On June 20, 2019, he was drafted by the Miami Heat with the 13th overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft. And on July 10, he signed a contract with the team. And his NBA debut came on October 23 in a match against the Memphis Grizzlies.

Since then, he has played for the team and has helped them win some titles. Also, Herro has received various honours for his amazing performance. Apart from that, he often gets into controversy regarding his love life, and now he is being accused of cheating.


Who Did Tyler Herro Cheat With On Baby Mama Katya?

Katya revealed about Tyler Herro affair, but she did not reveal who he cheated on her with.

She recently put up an IG story that clearly looks to be a clear message for Herro. Also, she has unfollowed Herro on social media, making it more clear that he cheated on her.


But the main concern of people is to know about the girl whom Herro cheated over. Till now, it is not clear, and none of the sources has covered the new girl. Apart from that, this is not the first time the news of Herro cheating came into the media.

Katya and Herro broker up just a year ago when she was carrying Herro’s child, and the Heat star was in his off-season with the Heat being annihilated early in the playoffs. Previously, Herro was rumoured to have cheated on Elise Henry once before while Herro was pregnant, but nothing was ever proved. 

Meet Tyler Herro New Girlfriend

After the news of Tyler Herro surfaced on social media, the details regarding his new girlfriend grabbed many people’s eyes. Till now, nothing has been confirmed regarding his new affair.

When Katya posted an Instagram story, fans speculated that Herro again cheated on her. But now, we can’t find the story on her official IG account, but it is now all over other social media platforms.

Moreover, both of them have not talked anything or addressed anything about the ongoing gossip. But they may give something soon as fans are eager to know more.

Tyler Herro and Katya Relationship Timeline

Tyler Herro and his girlfriend, Katya, started dating in 2020. And on June 5, 2021, it was revealed that the couple was expecting a child. Finally, on September 14, 202, their daughter named Zya Elise Herro was born.

They are not married yet, and there seem to be problems between them as the cheating rumours have shocked everyone. 

Are Jack Harlow and Tyler Herro friends?

Jack Harlow pays homage to the NBA player Tyler Herro, a friend of his, rapping: “My homeboy Tyler he play in South Beach / He told me this summer he gon’ fix my jumper”. He also mentions having made a new group of friends: “I brought a gang to the party with me / Five white boys, but they not NSYNC”.

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