People are eager to know whether Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock are related to each other. Read the article below to know more about the athlete’s life behind the camera.

Reggie is a professional basketballer flaunting his skill of shooting for the Dallas Maverick in the  NBA. He has been an asset for his team with his skill of block, rebound, and 3 pointer shoot.

No, Reggie Bullock and Sandra Bullock are not related to each other.

People were confused with the rumors of them being related to each other. Reggie fueled the fire in the rumors by posting a tweet with the caption “Just so you know me and Sandra Bullock’s first cousins”.

However, Reggie was just joking and they are not related to each other. The only thing common between the two great personalities was their family name.

Reggie Bullock Age: How Old Is The Athlete?

As of 2022, Reggie is 30 years of age. The athlete celebrates his birthday on the 16th of March. He was born in the year 1991 in Baltimore.

In 2013, Reggie started his professional career when he was signed by Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA Draft. In his 30s, Reggie has embraced himself as one of the prominent basketballers.

Additionally, Reggie stands at a towering height of 6 feet 6 inches tall. Considering his advantage on physical attributes, Reggie is specialized to produce match-winning performances week in week out.

Reggie Bullock Career Details Explored

Reggie is a professional basketballer representing Dallas Maverick. He started his career as a basketballer from his high school, Kinston High Vikings. He won two championship titles during his high school career.

His run as a North Carolina student in a college basketball scenario was a rollercoaster life. He was present in some of the most memorable moments in his college history.

He started his journey in the NBA from LA Clippers. Although, he was in his prime at Detriot Piston. He had a career-high 23 points with six 3-pointers for Detriot.

On 6 August 2021, Reggie signed for Dallas Maverick. He made his debut against Atlanta Hawks, where he scored 3 points.

Reggie Bullock Family Explored

Reggie has not disclosed any details about his parents on the media. Their identity is still a big question mark on the internet. However, the athlete has his fair share of upbringing with two sisters.

Unfortunately, Reggie, both sisters were murdered in Baltimore. Since then, Reggie has been engaged in LGBTQ rights. He is also involved in an anti-bullying campaign.

On the other hand, Reggie has a son named Treyson. Although, Reggie has not disclosed any details about the mother of his child.

Meet Reggie Bullock On Instagram

Being a renowned personality, Reggie is popular on Instagram and can be found with the username @y0bull.

The athlete has mange to create a fanbase of 177K people as his followers with his aesthetic 22 posts. The verified user only follows about 93 people on the platform.

His Instagram wall is full of professional life. He often posts about his daily life events and makes sure his fans are updated. People love to have a look at his wall.