To reward them for their assistance during the Covid crisis, France has awarded citizenship to almost 12,000 foreign-born health workers.

The statement was made by the French government on Thursday, September 10.

Security guards, checkout clerks, and other front-line employees are examples of vital personnel.

According to Marlene Schiappa, the junior interior minister in charge of citizenship, almost 16,000 people have applied for a French passport under a special plan in the last year.

She pointed out that the plan accelerated the application process for workers in vital services, allowing them to seek for citizenship after only two years in France, rather than the normal five.

She said that 12,012 of them turned French.

Garbage collectors, home-care providers, and nannies are among the various types of employment that qualify for the program.

‘These frontline employees were there for the country.’ It is natural for the country to make a gesture in their favor,’ Schiappa said in a statement.

In 2020, 61,371 individuals were granted French citizenship.