Audio & Video Recordings Between Megan Barnard And Tom Morris



Tom Morris’s audio recordings and video on Whatsapp & Reddit went viral. The Fox Sports journalist is currently facing criticism after his sexist comments. 

Tom Morris is mainly known for his work in Fox sports. He has been working as a senior AFL journalist for a long time.

Morris recently gained the spotlight after his negative comments towards female colleagues leaked. With that, his followers have started to condemn him.

While the Fox sports journalist Tom faces a massive controversy, find out more about the leaked scandal.

Tom Morris Audio Recordings And Video On Whatsapp & Reddit

Tom Morris, a Fox Sports journalist,  made sexist comments on a female colleague. What’s more, his misogynistic words on Whatsapp and Reddit have circulated all over the internet.

Following the matter, Morris is currently stood down by the Fox Footy, while the investigation remains pending. The journalist has apologized for his sexist comments towards a female colleague and mentioned not being intentional.

Either way, the fan followers who have admired Tom for his work have been disappointed with his action. Moreover, the people over the internet started criticizing the journalist.

The controversy started with Tom Morris and Luke Beveridge, bulldogs coach having a rant. The conversation heated after Luke alleged Morris as a gutter journalist.

What Did Tom Morris Say About Megan Barnard?

Tom Morris made sexist and homophobic comments on the female colleague. Following the scandal, Megan Barnard became the talking point after Morris’s recordings and video got leaked.

The recordings pointed out negative comments towards Megan, his co-worker. Morris used an offensive word against Barnard and made sexist comments.

Meanwhile, Fox Footy has stood down Tom with a further investigation; on the matter. Also, Morris seems to be staying silent after the apology.

Does Tom Morris Have A Wife? Meet His Partner

Tom Morris has kept his romantic life affair private for the moment. The details on whether he is married or has a partner remain a complete mystery on its own.

What’s more, Tom does not seem to have any history of past relationships. With him keeping his mouth closed, not much is available.

Find Tom Morris On Wikipedia

Tom Morris is not available on the Wikipedia page. He recently gained the spotlight after the massive controversy on leaked recordings and videos regarding the sexist comments.

Morris is known for his work in Fox Sports. With the scandal going on, he got put down and not terminated.,