After a five-year struggle with stage 4 bowel cancer, author Deborah James, 40, has stated she is currently in hospice care.

In a tragic Instagram message, BBC broadcaster Deborah James warned viewers that she doesn’t know “how long I’ve got left.”

The 40-year-old TV personality revealed that she has been relocated to hospice at-home care to treat her terminal colon cancer and is surrounded by her family and friends.

The BBC podcast host said the last six months have been “heartbreaking,” but the author has been surrounded by much love and has got no regrets.


Author Deborah James Illness: Bowel Cancer

Deborah James, the BBC podcast host, is currently battling a devastating illness, which her fans and well-wishers are eager to learn about.

She is the mother of two who has two children with her husband Sebastien, Hugo, 14, and Eloise, 12.

Therefore, at the start of the year, she disclosed that she had ‘almost died’ in hospital, calling it the ‘hardest’ moment of her 5-year cancer battle, and was admitted as an in-patient earlier this month.

‘Nobody knows how long she has left,’ she wrote in an Instagram post earlier this evening, adding, ‘The message I never wanted to write.’ We’ve tried everything, but my body won’t cooperate.

‘My active care has ended, and I’ve been transferred to hospice at-home care, where the focus is on making sure I’m not in pain and enjoying time with my wonderful family.’

She has expressed her deepest feelings about her disease and how life has been unfaithful to her, saying that she has always dreamed of living a happy life and is now battling life and death.

Author Deborah James Health Update 2022

Deborah James’ health was just updated, and she shared the news on Twitter. “I never intended to write this Tweet. It’s time for us to part ways.” Unfortunately, it is now time to say farewell after battling 4th-stage cancer.

Similarly, James was diagnosed with the disease in 2016 and has since kept her almost 300,000 Instagram followers up to date with her treatments and diagnosis through frank updates.

In addition, the former deputy schoolteacher said in her article that she is launching the Bowelbabe Fund and sharing links to charities such as Cancer Research UK, Bowel Cancer UK, and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Where Is Deborah James Now?

Deborah James, a former deputy headteacher who became a cancer campaigner, is getting hospice care at home for her terminal colon cancer.

In her post, the former deputy schoolteacher announced the formation of the Bowelbabe Fund and included connections to organizations like Cancer Research UK, Bowel Cancer UK, and the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Aside from that, she is currently doing nothing but taking care of herself and counting down the days till she leaves this world.