Ayo Dosunmu is an American basketball player and people are currently eager to know about his girlfriend.

Ayo Dosunmu got into one of the most popular basketball teams of all time, the Chicago Bulls at such a young age because of his incredible skills.

Recently he suffered from a concussion during a match against the Philadelphia 76ers and had to miss one game, but he is already back in court.

Who Is Chicago Bulls Ayo Dosunmu Girlfriend Jalen Court?

Ayo Dosunmu, a Chicago Bulls shooting guard seems to be currently dating his beautiful girlfriend Jalen Court.

They must have been together for more than several months as of now as per their social media activities, although there are no posts made by either of them.

Jalen seems to be a model looking at her Instagram posts although we are not exactly sure about it and they look truly adorable as a couple.

Furthermore, Ayo seems to be a fine gentleman as he has been genuinely humble and kind to Jalen who might also be reciprocating same feelings.

Meet Ayo Dosunmu Parents and Siblings

Ayo Dosunmu has always been open about the information about his parents, Quam and Jamarra Dosunmu, and also have siblings.

His parents have always been his biggest support system and they must be the people who motivated him to follow the career in basketball.

Likewise, he has two older sisters, Joselynn and Khadijat, and a brother, Kune and we came to know that they have an extremely exquisite siblings bond.

Also, he seems to be grateful to all his family members, parents, and siblings for the support and love they have been providing to him since he was young.

How Much Is Ayo Dosunmu Worth?

The net worth of Ayo Dosunmu is currently under the estimation of around $500,000 – $600,000 as of 2022.

Being in the NBA team, he has been earning quite handsomely and we suppose he has been playing for this time under the contract of around a million dollars.

Apart from basketball, he seems to be earning as a social media influencer as he has been acquiring a number of followers in recent times.

Moreover, we can find Ayo on Instagram under @ayodos_11 where he mostly shares pictures relating to the game of basketball and others.

Ayo Dosunmu Biodata And Ethnicity

We can find Ayo Dosunmu on Wikipedia from where we could get information about his biodata and he possesses American-Nigerian ethnicity.

He was born on the 17th of January, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up there itself as an American citizen building the love for basketball.

Similarly, after completing his high schooling at Morgan Park High School, he began playing for his college team at the University of Illinois.

Apparently, he is proudly representing his originality as an American citizen, and people from all over the United States are appreciating his games.