Barry Keoghan’s Joker Makes An Entrance As The Deleted Scenes From ‘The Batman’ Are Released



Warner Bros has introduced Barry Keoghan as Joker with his full-face revealed in a deleted scene from The Batman.

Barry Keoghan is an Irish actor who has time and again proved that he is here to stay with his stellar performances. From his role in ‘Dunkirk’ to ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ this man has gained a cult following for himself.

He was recently in the much-loved ‘Batman’ where his face was not shown. However, the recent development of his character has blown the audience’s mind. Here is everything we know.

PHOTO: Barry Keoghan Joker Full Face Revealed

While we were all in guesses about The Joker in the recent film Batman, a video has proved it was none other than Barry Keoghan. We can actually wait for his own movie where the story would revolve around Arkham Prisoner.

The full face has been revealed in the video and fans are in all praises for both Pattinson and Barry for their amazing performances. This was the cross-over fans had never expected off and it has opened the doors for many other films with this new character.

Now the internet is widely talking about the recent video posted on YouTube. The word of mouth is making a larger part of the web searching for the photo of the personality.

The Batman Deleted Scenes Shows Barry Keoghan

It has been said that the part was deleted from the movie but it seems like a promotion done by the production company to introduce their new character. This definitely sparks the interest in Arkham Prisoner.

The obvious thing is that the audiences will definitely want a story revolving around the character and a different movie based on him. Even though there has been no revelation on the intent of the production, we cannot discard the chances.

More than Batman deleted scenes, it can be termed as the never-seen clip by the producers.

Barry Keoghan Make Up In Pictures