Fox 102.3 radio personality Benji Norton has passed away recently making netizens curious about his death cause. Stay tuned to get more details about the notable Columbian radio star!

Benji Norton had dedicated his whole life to radio and music. He was involved with notable American and Colombian radio studios, where he made and played music.

WISTV, Alpha Media USA, FOX Radio, and Cumulus Media are some companies that the late Norton worked with.

Now that he has left everything behind, the internet has poured sadness and grief over the late Norton.


What Was Benji Norton Radio Death Cause? How Did He Die?

Benji Norton, the well-known Colombian radio presenter, passed away in 2022, though his close ones have not revealed his exact death cause.

He was a healthy person who did not have any severe health issues before his death, as stated by his family. Moreover, further reports do not claim any foul play in his death, nor any foreseen accident seems to have taken place.

Currently, the Norton family is heartbroken over his death and has chosen to maintain silence over the untimely demise of the radio star.

Meanwhile, the netizens are intrigued about Norton’s death cause and his last moments before his last breath.

More On Reporter Benji Norton Wikipedia & Obituary

Benji Norton was a radio reporter whose professional bio is updated on the official LinkedIn page, while his Wikipedia page is still unavailable.

According to his LinkedIn profile, the late Norton is a 1980 graduate of the
Fox 202.3 has issued an official obituary citing their loss so, as other companies that were affected by Norton’s death. Likewise, many of Norton’s fans and colleagues have taken it to their social media to mourn their loss.

Benji Norton Family Tribute

Benji Norton is survived by his family, consisting of his wife Barbie and their two young children.

While Mrs. Norton has maintained her silence, other family members have paid tribute to the late SC radio personality.

Norton’s brother-in-law, Jon Yankasky, wrote on his Facebook that he will never forget the laughs he and Norton shared and other precious memories, including softball games, endless jokes, and their friendship. 

The Norton family and friends have yet to give more closure to Norton’s death and his upcoming funeral rites.