Bhailang Programming Language: Java-Based Programming Script Built By Two Indian ‘Bros’: A brand new programming language is in town right now. Yes, you read it right that after HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, C++, Python, and some others, one more brand new programming language has been introduced recently called “Bhai-lang”. It is created by a couple of engineers. It is written in Typescript and makes programming look a lot more fun as it is a toy programming language. As we all know today, people have been doing computer courses in which they mainly focus on programming languages as it has huge scope in career. Now, one more programming language has come into the town named Bhai-lang. In this article, you will get some essential details about it. Follow More Update On

Bhailang Programming Language

A new programming language is in town now. Yes, we are talking about the new programming language called Bhai-lang. It is a toy programming language that is written in Typescript and develops programming look a lot more fun. Bhai is a Hindi word that is usually used for brother. To use this language, users need to write “hi bhai” as the entry point code, and when the entire coding was written, end it with “bye bhai’. All codes should be written inside these tags because everything outside of these tags will be ignored. Programmers will be needed to use “bhai ye hai” to declare variables.

Different functions and values may be assigned to variables according to the programmer’s requirement. A user can see the entry directory of how to use built-ins, loops, and conditional on the GitHub page of Bhai-lang while programming in the experimental Javascript program. The new programming language Bhai-lang was developed by Aniket Singh, Rishabh Tripathi, they both are software development engineers at Amazon and Groww, respectively. This toy programming language can be accessed on its website

Talking about getting the idea of Bhai-lang, Aniket Singh said that it started as an internal joke between him and Tripathi a couple of years ago. However, they didn’t start work on it until a couple of weeks back. He said, “We always had a curiosity about what it takes to create a programming language, but we always thought that it would be tedious and complicated work. But guess what? We were wrong. It’s actually quite fun!” He revealed the programming language in a post. His post has gained lots of reactions from the users. Stay connected with us to catch all the latest and exclusive updates.