We are here with a written episode update on “Bingo Comedy Adda” of 14 March 2021. The show has been hosting by RJ Naved. He is professionally known as Radio Jockey, and Voice Over Artist. He is basically from Uttar Pradesh. And his home town is in Lucknow. The show is being hosted by him and he is the perfect one to run the show. He keeps the audience engaged with his hilarious sequences.

The show is different from the rest of the shows on the channel. It consists of comedy, talks, and life experiences of the celebs. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see Ranbir Singh in the show tonight. He is gonna share his life experiences. While RJ Naved uses to ask questions to him related to his shoot life, married life, and previous films. While Ranbir uses to tell many things and amusing experience of his first film “Band Bajja Brarat”.

Both will see laugh together on their jocular. The audience is going to laugh out loud during the entire episode. The makers are ready planning to release its second part soon after this season. As the show is generating high TRP and receiving appreciation from the audience. The motive of the Bingo brand is to promote entertainment more and more. Comedy Adda the name of the show itself revealing the genre of the show. The content is enthralling and making viewers crave more.

The Sunday is gonna be a fun day after watching the episode tonight. It also helps you to reduce the stress level of your entire week. The show consists of sections such as “Standup Originals”. The show is going to highlight renowned stand comedians as the guest. The host of the show is doing a great job to make the audience laugh. He is the popular name of Radio Jockey.

He is also known as the prankster and funniest comedian. He got to be famed for his show “Mirchi Murga”. And finally, he is on the television screen to chit-chat with celebrities from the Indian film, music, and comedy industry. Ranveer Singh will be seen in a stunning colorful jacket with a Gucci headband and he is looking like a handsome hunk. To watch the full episode you need to stop on Star Plus Channel at 10:30 every Sunday.