Soca artist Blaxx’s death news has been confirmed by his family.

Dexter John Stewart aka Blaxx, was born on December 21st. He began his musical journey when he was thirteen years old, when his father Jerry Stewart, who founded the band “Jerry and New School,” shaped him into the person he is today.

He then joined the popular band “Fucceccion,” where he was known as “Blaxx” for eleven years. After that, he joined a number of other bands, including “Atlantic,” “Byron Lee and the Dragons,” and “Blue Ventures.”

Mr. Roy Cape, the icon himself, met Blaxx in 1999 and invited him to join his family of artists (Roy Cape All Stars). Mr. Blaxx graciously accepted the position, and the rest is history.

Soca Artist Blaxx Passed Away – Death Cause

Blaxx’s family announced that the soca artist has passed away and his untimely death has made his well-wishers mourn through social media. Twitter is flowing with tributes to this extremely talented man.

The obituary report is yet to come out and his funeral date has not been revealed by his near ones. While the news of his demise was circulating, people were still waiting for it to be a senseless hoax on the internet. Unfortunately, Fay Ann Lyons posted a status on Facebook validating the air.

Fans call him a legend and it definitely a huge loss to the world of music. The genre is not a common one and his legacy will be difficult to continue by the upcoming generation.

Blaxx Was Sick With Covid In ICU

Blaxx was suffering badly from Covid and had to be admitted to the ICU. On Monday, it was reported that the singer was admitted to the Arima General Hospital with covid.

Giselle Gellineau-Penrose, his manager, confirmed this to Newsday on Wednesday. She also stated that he was under surveillance. Beyond that, there was no further information provided.

Going back in time, in 2020, he suffered kidney and lung disease but was discharged the same year in November. Hence, he was all up for the better days in 2021 and hosted Blaxx and Friends. He had even released his music for the 2022 Taste of Carnival season.

Blaxx Wife And Family

Blaxx’s wife and family are in mourning for their loved one’s untimely demise. However, their identities have not surfaced on the internet. People are waiting for them to announce a funeral date for their favorite singer.,