Today, the big breaking news shattered BPD as Boston police veteran Joe Martinez is arrested over child pornography charges.

Allegations of misbehavior and child abuse weren’t profoundly heard in Boston – at least in the city of Boston – until upsetting news hit today regarding the arrest of the police officer.

Regarding the arrest, BPD Superintendent-in-chief Gregory Long said, “The alleged behavior committed by this Boston Police Officer is disturbing, the Boston Police Department will continue to hold its officers to the highest standards.”

The officer was on administrative leave before he made it into the headlines, and he wasn’t aware of his deeds.

Boston Police Officer Joe Martinez Arrested

Joe Martinez, a 14-year member of the BPD, is now arrested – facing charges for keeping child pornography-related materials and posing under 18 for nude pictures.

Also, he is alleged to do stalking and secret sex surveillance of a person under 18.

Despite being a police officer, Joe didn’t stop himself from committing the crime – which was a significant crime – and was caught red-handed by his colleagues.

Further investigations regarding the case are going on, the police department stated. The spokesperson explained, “It is a serious crime, and we have to do our investigations regarding it immediately.”

Even though Joe wasn’t doing his job – keeping law and order, the BPD has vowed to close the case and complete their job within a short time.

Joe Martinez Child Pornography Charges: Allegations Explained

Joe Martinez is alleged to keep child pornography – and retaining under 18’s nude photos.

Since 2008, he committed himself into Boston Police Department until he was placed on administrative leave.

The law enforcement is considering Martinez to present him in Dedham district court on Friday.

Furthermore, Boston Police hasn’t spoken much regarding this case; they are trying to collect evidence. Against Martinez, child pornography-related materials are found.

Pictures of minors are also related to Joe, a strong reveal against him.

Child Pornography Described By Law

The Federal law describes child pornography as “Any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age).”

Child pornography is illegal and is a serious crime under American law. According to law, even keeping a picture of a naked child can be considered an illegal activity.

Moreover, the depiction of a person under 18 in any form of sexual activity isn’t tolerable. As the law defines, the age of consent in the United States varies from 16 to 18.