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  1. Boycott Tim Hortons Is Trending On Twitter Currently & Here Is Why

  2. How Is Twitter Reacting To The Vaccination News From Tim Hortons?

  3. How Could Tim Hortons Bring Some Changes?

Tim Hortons is a multinational fast-food chain based in Canada & recently Boycott of Tim Hortons has been trending on Twitter & here is what we know.

Tim Hortons is a very popular fast-food mainly known for their coffee. The fast-food chain is based in Canada & is a multinational fast-food chain.

Recently Tim Hortons has been expanding its franchise beyond just Canada. They recently opened an outlet of their franchise in the United Kingdom. So far, Tim Hortons has been getting good reviews internationally.

Hortons serves coffee, doughnuts, & several other fast food items. They are best known for their coffee & they have become Canada’s largest quick-service restaurant chain.

Recently hashtag #BoycottTimHortons has been trending all over Twitter in Canada. The current outburst came after Tim Hortons issued COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Tim Hortons has announced that their summer camp attendees need to be vaccinated. Vaccination is an individual’s choice & people are not happy that Tim Hortons is forcing that.

Tim explained that the decision was based on a private medical decision for the safety of people. But the public was not happy with this decision made by Tim Hortons.

There will be many children in summer camp & Tim Horton’s vaccination ban has raised outbursts among people & different families.

Even though Canada has provided all the vaccines, including the boosters, not all people want to get vaccinated. Many people are just following the safety precautions without the vaccines. 

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How Is Twitter Reacting To The Vaccination News From Tim Hortons?

The people on Twitter have started the hashtag #BoycottTimHortons. People have started a petition for Tim Hortons to change their Covid-19 regulations for summer camp.

Tamara Ugolini started the petition. She is a parent whose children were not accepted into the camp for not being vaccinated. This could leave their children missing out on a lot, but she also does not want to be pressured into vaccinating her kids.

Her only motive for the petition is to change the absurd regulation Tim Hortons is forcing upon people. She has aimed to gather about 25k people on her petition.

So far, her petition has received over 19k followers. She believes this petition could be very helpful in changing some things around Tim Horton’s regulations.

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How Could Tim Hortons Bring Some Changes?

Many people have voiced their concerns about Tim Hortons bans among Covid regulations.

People have claimed that Tim Hortons did not need to impose a mandatory vaccine rule on the public. But Tim Hortons could make the masks mandatory along with Sanitizers at the door.

This could still prevent it from covid spreading among people & everyone would have a fair chance in summer camp.