Brian Kim Scandal: Why did Billionaire Kakao chairman Brian Kim resign? Explained: Brian Kim’s name has been scattered all over the internet netizens are talking to the web so that they can grab hew complete details about the news-making round about him. You must be wondering why si his name is making rounds on the internet. So let us guys tell you that he is a founder of Kakao Corp. and is gonna be taking a big step. There must be a question in your mind what is that step? So just stay glued to us as everything will be given about him in the blog below. Follow More Update On

Brian Kim Scandal

The chairman of Kakao Corp since a statement on Monday that he is all set to step down from the tech giant’s board of directors, due to the series of scandals that have been shocked in the company in the previous year. There will be a meeting on March 29, so the resignation will be finalized of there will be confirmed at the upcoming. Kim is in this position at the company source 2019. And this announcement from his side is a shock for many of his employees.

Why did Billionaire Kakao chairman Brian Kim resign?

In the last year’s stick scandal, employees at the firm and minor shareholders of the firm were so keen to be a self-made billionaire to be held responsible for insufficient management ethics. This news about the company has affected the reputation at the next level. This is now never a most discussed topic on the internet among the business owners and users as well. Kim took to Twitter and there he has been written some words regarding the same, “NK will lead the group’s efforts in going ‘Beyond Mobile’ and as even I will work on the ‘Beyond Korea’ global expansion plan after stepping down from the chairman post.”

Who Is Brian Kim? Net Worth

You are also keen to know who will be going to be the new CEO of Kakao?

The new CEO of the firm will be (NK)  Namkoong Whon, who will be going to be known as the founder’s right-hand man. Kim also stated that the Beyond Korea endeavor is not merely a corporate mission but also an answer to calls from the South Korean public. He is 56 years old and will be going to maintain the past as the head of the Mirae Initiative Center, and the firm dedicated to designing the future of the blueprint of the Kakao Group.