Who is Calvin Ridley?

Calvin Orin Ridley is an American Football star. He plays the role of a wide receiver(wideout) in Atlanta Falcons team under the National Football League(NFL).

Currently, he has been suspended from the Atlanta Falcons due to some betting reasons. Meanwhile, in 2021, he decided to take a break for the sake of his mental health.

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Calvin Ridley Biography

Calvin Ridley, an American football wide receiver was born on 20th December, 1994. He is now 27 years old. Ridley is quite a tall person since his height is 6 ft 1in and he weighs 190lb.

He attended Monarch High School in Florida. Later, he attended the University of Alabama between 2015-2017.

Calvin Ridley Injury

There’s no record of Calvin’s injury; however, according to the injury detector by Draft Sharks, his chance of injury in 2022 is 53% while his chance of injury per game is 4.3%

Calvin Ridley Education and family.

Calvin Ridley had his High School education in Monarchy and had his college education at the University of Alabama.

In relation to his family, he belongs to a family of six. He has three brothers and he’s the oldest of the four. he has a brother who is also into American Football and he is called Cavin Riley Ridley

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Calvin is currently engaged to a young beautiful lady called Dominique Fitchard. They have been engaged since 2019 and have one lovely daughter together.

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