Catrin Pugh Story, What Happened To French Alps Crash Survivor After Accident?



Catrin Pugh, an accident survivor, went emotional after getting featured on the BBC extraordinary Portraits.

The 2013 crash in French Alps left Catrin Pugh’s body 96% burnt, with scars. She is the strongest survivor from an accident and had a minimal chance of survival during the incident.

After 200 operations and treatment, Pugh started to live her life ordinarily. She came out stronger than before, inspiring many people in the world.

The recent episodes of BBC Extraordinary Portraits featured Catrin, a strong survivor who got moved after watching the portraits.

Gain Insight Into Catrin Pugh Accident & Her Story

Catrin Pugh went through a horrifying accident in 2013 when the bus crashed around French Alps. Surviving the incident, Pugh’s new chapter of her life story began.

96% of Catrin’s body got burnt due to the crash, and at the time of the tragedy, she was only 19-years of age. Nevertheless, Pugh grew out to be a much stronger woman than before, inspiring the people.

Following the accident, Pugh ended up in three months coma and underwent 200 surgeries. What’s more, her brother and mother helped her heal by donating their skin from the thighs.

After going through the healing process, Pugh is back to her life and even featured on the BBC show. Many people have found her story of surviving motivating and influencing for them.

What Happened To French Alps Crash Survivor Catrin Pugh?

Catrin Pugh, who lived in Rossett, Wrexham, survived the bus accident. Even facing a critical condition with a few chances of survival, Pugh kept on battling.

Presently, Pugh is well-known as a speaker, activist, and model. She is also known for her work in the Perfect Nudes beauty range.

Catrin is currently on a journey of loving her scars, and BBC Show has helped her through it by featuring her in BBC Extraordinary Portraits.

Pugh became emotional with tears as she saw the portrait by artist Kelvin Okafor.

Is Catrin Pugh On Wikipedia? Explore The Survivor Biographie

Catrin Pugh is yet to get featured on the Wikipedia page. 28-years of age is from Chester, who survived the terrifying bus crash.

It has been around nine years since Pugh faced the incident and went through the difficult phase of her life. Catrin grew up to be a physiotherapist herself and helped people with positive messages.

Battling through all the tough times, Pugh is now a well-known inspiring figure in public.,