Cameron Williams, 59, and journalist of Nine Network, just resigned from Channel 9, while people show concerns about his health.

When presenter Cameron Williams anchored his final TV news story about the death of a rugby league star just over three weeks ago, nothing looked odd. 

On February 28, the 59-year-old Channel Nine sports anchor produced a polished and professional presentation about the burial of ‘immortal’ Johnny Raper – before disappearing from his usual job next to Peter Overton on Nine’s 6 p.m. Sydney news.

He stunned the television industry when he announced his departure in an email to colleagues this week, explaining that he was leaving to focus on his “health” and “family.” 

Since then, he’s also reacted to a lot of comments from fans on Twitter, stating he appreciates the love and can’t wait to go back on the screen.

Why Did Cameron Williams Resign Channel 9?

Cameron Williams announced his resignation from Channel 9 in March 2022 to focus on his health and seek other possibilities.

From Sunday to Thursday, he was a sports presenter on Nine News Sydney, co-hosted Weekend Today, and was a sports presenter on Today. He also provides updates and roaming reporting for the network’s coverage of the Australian Open.

From 2013 through 2015, Cameron hosted Nine’s Friday Night Football coverage. He also served as the network’s host for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. 

He announced his departure from the Nine Network in February 2016. Following the retirement of veteran sports broadcaster Ken Sutcliffe, he rejoined the Nine Network as sports editor on Nine News Sydney in December 2016. 

Is Cameron Williams Sick? His Health Problems And Illness Explored

According to, Cameron Williams is said to have become unwell due to Covid, and as a result, he is presently dealing with health issues and illness. 

Rumors have surfaced about what prompted the 59-year-old to retire, with the network remaining tight-lipped about the reasons.

As the virus crept across Nine’s North Sydney newsroom, he became ill with Covid. It’s unclear whether his feud with Covid had anything to do with his resignation.

Cameron Williams Partner: Meet The Sports Presenter On Instagram

Cameron Williams is married, and Natasha Uechtritz is his partner. He also has two children, whom he routinely depicts on Instagram.

As seen by the images he has uploaded with his family, he looks to be spending quality time with them.

He may be found on Instagram under the handle @camjwilliams. He also routinely uploads photos of himself with his wonderful wife, whom he adores.,