On Friday, January 22, Liverpool mixed martial arts athlete Charles Goodwin was found guilty of rapping two students and sexually abusing another. The 21-year-old business management student was found guilty of three counts of raping and abusing a female student in Manchester. Scroll down to learn more about Charles Goodwin arrested, rape, cases, and everything else related to him.

When was Charles Goodwin arrested? Has she filed a formal complaint against Goodwin?

The Liverpool University business management student described himself as a “sex god” and admitted to being a “hopeless romantic” in Liverpool Crown Court. Goodwin met a woman in a central Manchester nightclub in January 2020, and the two returned to her halls, According to Charles Goodwin arrested.

The court heard him tell her she should be “treated like a princess,” but once inside her room, he became abusive. He tried to choke her while calling her names like a “slut” while forcing himself on her. Despite her protests, he anally raped her while holding her by the throat. “I was frightened for my life,” she stated. He seemed like he was going to kill me.” She was able to get away from her flatmate after he banged on her door and filed a complaint with the GMP shortly after he left at 5:30 a.m. Goodwin was detained, but he was freed on bail pending the outcome of the investigation.

He got drunk a student and brutally raped her.

He got a student inebriated and raped her at their university halls only eight months later, in September 2020. Three days later, he sexually assaulted another woman in the same halls. The couple had slept together consensually before getting her so drunk that she was unable to walk a few nights later.

Charles Goodwin arrested
Charles Goodwin has raped a student Source: Mirror

Despite being taken to bed by another acquaintance, Goodwin was having sex with her when she awoke the next morning. She was perplexed until she remembered screaming the night before as Goodwin anally raped her. The woman had scratches on her tummy and handprints all over her body for two days.

Is he able to persuade her not to go to the cops?

“She saw me: I was in a state of confusion and trying to come to grips with what had happened,” she explained over the phone to her sister. That day, I was in a lot of agony.” He persuaded her not to report it to the cops, claiming it was a drunken blunder.

He raped another woman three days later.

Goodwin consoled a woman who was distraught because another student wasn’t interested in dating her just three days later. Goodwin over-administered booze to the extent where she was unable to stand. When he had her alone, he tried to get her to touch his penis, and when she refused, he yanked her pants down and smacked her on the bottom twice.

“There was no dialogue prior about what [we] may want,” she explained. He simply took what he desired.” When she learned that another lady had filed a complaint against him, she was dismayed that no action had been taken right away. “Why did it take three victims for him to be remanded?” the second victim wondered. Why wasn’t he promptly remanded? I believe there were serious flaws in the way the Manchester case was handled.”

Has he been arrested?

After a jury convicted him at Liverpool crown court in January, the judge said he should expect “a significant period of jail.” On Thursday, Goodwin will be sentenced.