Patricia Parkin was an American woman who was beaten and killed by a man named “Charles Lee Heitzman “. Learn about him in the article below.

Charles Lee Hitzman was arrested for killing a woman named “Patricia Parkin”.

Patricia Parkin used to live with her parents and her daughter. 

She was beaten by a man so badly that she got killed.

Patricia Parkin Family and Husband Details: Wikipedia

Patricia was born on 31 October 1966 A.D. in the United States of America. 

Patricia was a single child mother who had a daughter named “Melissa”.

She was 29 years old before her death and used to live happily.

Patricia’s father’s name was John Parkin her mother’s name was Helen P. She also had a brother whose name was John H.

According to the sources, the name of Patricia’s husband is not revealed in the media.

How Did Patricia Parkin Die?

Patricia was beaten so badly by a man named “Charles Lee Hitzman” who immediately died.

Patricia was 29 years old when she died. After her death, Charles left her in the snow so that no one would find her.

When John found out about the death of Patricia he was shocked and revealed that she was heading to buy a gift for her daughter “Melissa” for Christmas.

According to the sources, the reason for her death is still not revealed.

The single child mother Patricia died on December 5 1995 A.D. at the age of 29.



Where is Charles Lee Hitzman Now?

Patricia was beaten to death by a man named “Charles Lee Hitzman”.

When Patricia was 29 years old Charles killed her by beating her so hard and left her dead body in the snow. So, that no one would suspect him and find her body.

After police caught Charles the court sentenced him to 25 years of prison.

According to the sources, there is no information on where Charles Lee Heitzman is now.

It is believed that Charles had some urged with Patricia so that he killed her. Although, there is no information about why did the murder kill the single child mother.