Chelsea Funny Memes Flood Twitter Amid Roman Abramovich Sanctions



Chelsea Funny Memes Flood Twitter Amid Roman Abramovich Sanctions: Numerous funny memes linked with Roman Abramovich are being shared and uploaded on social media platforms after being sanctioned by the UK for his close relations with the Russian President Vladimir Putin. This news has become the trending search of the internet and people are scrounging web pages for the details of why Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned by the UK and what are restrictions have been imposed on him. To know every imperative aspect of this headline kindly go down the page and take a look at the sections of this article, so e sticky with us for a while and go through all the sections of this page. Follow More Update On

Chelsea Funny Memes

A few days back, Roman Abramovich announced that he is going to sell his club, Chelsea and now the UK has sanctioned him as he is one of the 7 oligarchs of Russia and the UK took this step in response to the crisis in  Ukraine and Roman Abramovich is supposed to be a close person of Vladimir Putin. As all of us very well know a conflict is going on between Ukraine and Russia due to which global peace is at risk and most of the European countries are against Russian and are not missing any chance to criticize Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Due to which Russian oligarchs also facing the consequences of Vladimir Putin’s military operation in Ukraine. And Roman Abramovich is one of the seven oligarchs of Russia due to which he has been sanctioned by the UK. Kindly read down the further section to learn more.

Chelsea Memes Flood Twitter

Due to the sensations on Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich, he is not allowed to sell the club and also cannot put match tickets on sale which means he has been halted from selling and buying players. Chelsea club is can not be sold until the sanction on Roman Abramovich does not revoke. Till then Chelsea is not available to buy and the club is also not allowed to sell its merchandise which means the club’s merchandise outlet is closed.

Now trolling of Chelsea football club has been started on social media, especially on Twitter where football fans are making fun of the aforementioned football club’s downfall by creating memes. While many are comparing their favorite football club with Chelsea to make fun of it. The reactions of football fans are worth watching. Stay connected with us for more details on this page.