Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani 2022 Fete To Be Held Today: Recently, a video was trending on the internet that the Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani fete festival will be held today. All the preparations and arrangements have already taken place. The excitement and craze between people were increasing day by day. The Kumbha Bharani festival, which takes place on Monday at the Chettikulangara Devi temple near Mavelikara, is ready to go. The festival’s rites and pujas, which began with Shivaratri, will come to a head on the festival day with the Kuthiyottam performances and the Kettukazcha spectacle. Follow More Update On

Chettikulangara Kumbha Bharani 2022

The Goddess Bhadrakali is the principal deity at the Chettikulangara Devi temple, which is almost 1,200 years old. People who performed Kuthiyottam for the deity taught boys how to dance to a specific rhythm. At 6 a.m., the Kuthiyottam procession will arrive at the temple. The biggest spectacle, the Kettukazhcha pageant which has six gigantic temple cars known as kuthira (horse motifs), five theru (chariots) and mammoth idols of Bheema and Hanuman will be drawn to the temple from the 13 localities to 4 p.m. When a round was complete in the temple the Kettukazcha units will be moved to a nearby field termed Kazchakondom at 7:30 p.m. A Hindu religious convention will be held later in the night.

Many devotees from different parts of the State are expected to assemble at the Chettikulangara which ultimately participate in the festival that has been organized. Also, security was a major concern when it comes to crowded areas. Officials say that more than 700 police personnel will be deployed and keep an eye on everyone. If they found something suspicious or one who gonna mislead the person then they apprehended those people.

There was a large number of security cameras that were installed on the roads and temples, streets, poles, temple premises where they can see the crowd. Many police vehicles were also there for the protection of people. Traffic will be regulated in Chettikulangara from 2 p.m. On that day, the district collector Renu raj has declared a local, holiday in Mavelikara and Karthikapally taluks in connection with the Bharani on Monday. Educational institutions and government offices will remain closed. However, public examinations will be held as scheduled. At this festival, people will come from all over the world. Many cops will handle the security and be aware of the things which can happen at the festival. Follow this site to get the latest news.