Christian Brueckner is a German sex offender and rapist. The man is under 7 years of imprisonment for raping an American woman.

Also, the man is the new suspect of Madeleine McCann’s case. The girl disappeared at the age of 3 from Portugal. Since then, it is an open case that needs to be shut.

Name Christian Brueckner
Age 43 years old
Gender Male
Height 6 feet
Nationality German
Profession Criminal
Married/Single Unknown

10 Facts on Madeleine Mccann Suspect: Christian Brueckner

  1. Christian Brueckner is a child sex offender. Moreover, he is spending his 7 years of a sentence for the rape of an old American woman of 72 years.
  2. The man is 43 years old. He is in the headlines of many news portals for being a suspect in a murder case. Also, the German magazine, Der Spiegel has published some info on him.
  3. Brueckner is a German citizen. His race is unknown. Besides, the man does not have a short wiki and bio on the web.
  4. Christian definitely had an amazing family. But it looks like they disowned him for engaging in such criminal activities. Until now, not a single info about them is available.
  5. The man might be single or married. Even if he was married, it is sure that his wife left him after knowing his deeds. Brueckner is a child sex offender and rapist.
  6. Christian was previously arrested for several cases of abuse. Also, he was engaged in having sexual affairs with a young girl. Moreover, the man is imprisoned for 7 years for rape.
  7. Brueckner did not rape a young woman. Instead, he did such heinous deed with an American woman of age 72 years. It looks like the investigative authorities’ search for another case is also going to end.
  8. In 2007, a toddler of 3 years old disappeared. The incident took place in Portugal when she and her British family came to visit the place. Madeleine McCann was her name.
  9. The authorities are considering the possibility of her being alive. That’s why they searched for suspects. Moreover, they found that Christian was at the same place before going abroad.
  10. All the evidence points towards Brueckner. As of now, he is only a suspect. But soon after some investigation, if he has convicted the crime, the man will be punished as well.

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