Col Sergei Sukharev from Russian troops died in a battle. The commander was known as one of the masterminds behind the war. 

Col Sergei Sukharev, Kostroma Airborne Regiment’s commander, got killed. The Ukrainian forces and the state TV confirmed his death alongside the deputy demised.

Sukharev was known as the top Russian paratroop commander and the mastermind behind the attack in Ukraine. Moreover, the Strategic Communication and Information Security previously claimed about his liquidation.

Known for being the elite Russian troops, more news updates on Sergei is available here.

Who Is Col Sergei Sukharev? His Wikipedia Biography

Col Sergei Sukharev is not available on the Wikipedia page. Regardless, exploring his biography, Sergei got known as one of the paratroops’ top commanders leading a war.

Sukharev, 331st’s Parachute Assualt Regiment of the Kostroma Guards, was killed by the Ukrainian troops during the invasion. Before the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sergei was known for his fight in the country in 2014.

Sergei had a previous record of fighting against the Ukrainian troops back in 2014. He was known as one of the masterminds behind the recent massacre in Ukraine.

Further details on Sukharev have not been made public. Moreover, the state TV confirmed his death news after Sergei lost his life in the battle of a Russian invasion.

Was Col Sergei Sukharev Killed In Ilovaysk Tragedy?

No, Col Sergei Sukharev did not get killed in the Ilovaysk tragedy, but he died in the recent war in Ukraine. He reportedly passed away in a Gard attack near Mariupol.

Regardless, Sergei previously had a battle with Ukrainian soldiers near Ilovaysk city in 2014. Back then, Sukharev didn’t lose his life and made it back home.


Russia Detained And Arrested Col Sergei Sukharev

There is no official news on Col Sergei Sukharev getting detained and arrested. However, the Defense of Ukraine has shared the death news of him getting eliminated.

As per the post, Sukharev committed a war crime in the 2014 Battle of Ilovaysk, finishing the sentence with “The Last Judgment to announce its verdict soon.”

We could provide further details with no official news on Sergei’s arrest and detainment. However, we will let you know if found anything in the future.

Col Sergei Sukharev Age And Wife Or Partner Details

Sergei Sukharev, Russian Commander, had not disclosed information on his wife or his age. That being so, it remains unknown whether he had a romantic relationship with his partner.

As one of the elite military, Sukharev leads a private life. Also, having no insights on his married life, it remains unknown whether Sergei had a child or was a parent to his kids.,