Who is Tarek Zahed? And what happened to him.

Comanchero boss Tarek Zahed who is 41 years old is in a critical condition after being shot 10 times by the same random attacker. Unfortunately his brother Omar was not lucky enough to survive a gunshot and died outside the gym in Sydney’s west on Tuesday night.
The paramedical team was called to the crime scene in Auburn where he was shot and died around 8 pm on Tuesday. He went under multiple surgeries as he was poorly shot in his entire body, including his stomach and legs. His wounds were deep and severe. Later he died of cardiac arrest.
“He was in cardiac arrest and sadly could not be saved,” his doctor who operated on him revealed in a statement.
Tarek Zahed, a Comanchero bikie, is battled for his life.
Omar posted a brazen TikTok video last featuring a montage of photos of himself and Tarek posing with private jets .

“They warned him the other week, ‘Stop going to the gym, change your routine’, but he didn’t listen. They are fuming,”
Tarek Zahed was shot multiple times in the body. His head had been severely injured. He was airlifted to Westmead Hospital in critical condition.
The deputy premier, Paul Toole, called the incident “shocking” and “disturbing,” and said the administration was dedicated to trying to eradicate the city’s lawbreaker underworld.

“If you are part of Sydney’s underworld, if you are involved in criminal activity we are going to hunt you down and we are going to stamp out this kind of activity and this behaviour,” he concluded.
“We will actually kick down doors, we will raid homes, we will raid businesses.
“We will harass you, we will disrupt your everyday life to stamp this kind of activity out.”
Karen Webb, the commissioner of police, has formed a special force to look into the matter.
According to Michael Fitzgerald, assistant commissioner of the state crime command, police advised the brothers to flee the state however they did not listen.

“Their lives have been at risk because one is a senior member of the Comanchero motorcycle group, Australia’s largest criminal organization,” he added.

“With all these shootings and people being killed there are opportunities for people to try to take their places,” There’s a real power struggle within different criminal networks and that could be one of the lines of inquiry we look at.”

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