The predecessors of this item established a new standard of quality in terms of value for money. OnePlus 8 took a step forward by improving camera sensors, improving the display, and including the most recent SOC, but they did not address user concerns about wireless charging and IP rating. The OnePlus 8 is the less expensive alternative to the Pro version, yet it retains the majority of the main features.

The gadget has a snappy display with FHD + resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, as well as an in-display fingerprint module. It comes with 6GB and 8GB RAM variants, as well as 128GB and 256GB ROM variants, and is powered by an SD 865 CPU. Other connectivity features include a clear 5G band support, Wi-Fi 6, NFC, and BT 5.1, all of which make the gadget incredibly future proof.

On the software front, the business has previously proven how seriously they want their users to be familiar with standard Android experience. This year’s goal remains the same, but with improved customization on Oxygen OS 10 running on Android version 10. They did receive some criticism for changing the launcher, but whether it is good or bad is entirely subjective.

The cameras on this ‘non-pro’ model aren’t a big step up from last year’s lineup, with the same 48 Megapixel IMX586 Sony sensor as the primary back camera. However, with the help of AI and software advancements, as well as this competent hardware, the cameras work extremely well in real-world settings. It still struggles to get flawless low-light images, but given the price, it is tough to complain.

Finally, as with any other OnePlus smartphone, the battery and quick charging have been excellently taken care of. It has a massive 4300 MAH battery that can easily last an entire day, and gamers will not be disappointed. It includes the WARP charge 30T, which charges the smartphone to 61% in 30 minutes.  The data may not appear to be impressive, but the real-world application is undeniably fulfilling. This has been made feasible by the device’s excellent optimizations.

It is available in glacial green and onyx black, with a special galactic glow limited edition. The pricing is incredibly competitive for the features provided. Even if there are fewer complaints about the gadget, there are a few difficulties mentioned by consumers that are addressed below with possible solutions.


  • Battery health dropping is noticed when significant percentage drops in battery health is recorded while the device is in standby. Check if the same happens in a time frame of 8-12 hours when the phone is idle. If the drop is significant then battery drainage issue persists on your unit.
  • Signal in remote location or constant weak Wi-Fi also takes a toll on the battery health.
  • OS tweaking or giving the device root access can also significantly affect the battery health.
  • Third party app running in the background and draining the battery continuously over a prolonged period.

Possible Solutions:

  • Make sure that the phone is restarted once in a while to benefit the longevity of the battery.
  • Always prefer better network/Wi-Fi when available to ensure that the device is not strained.
  • The ROM or operating system that the smartphones comes up with is of the best quality for the hardware and no other ROM can be as suited as this. On top of that the security that the OS offers is unmatched.

High power consuming apps, games and processes heat up the device to a certain level. It is very normal, however, if it exceeds abnormally then you can try out the basic solutions of reach out to customer service of OnePlus.

Fast Charging Issue:

  • This issue has been common with people who use the device extensively for gaming, rendering and multitasking. The device slows down the DASH charge feature which is one of the highlights of the device.
  • Notice that a fast charge icon shows up on the charging screen when you plug in the fast charger.

Possible Solutions:

  • Mostly, this might be due to a software bug at launch. This can be fixed with OTA updates upon detection.
  • It is always advised to use original charger and cable for the device.
  • Delete all kinds of third party power management applications that you have installed on the device.
  • OnePlus after sales service can be reached with regard to this issue at 1-833-777-3633 (US), 1800-102-8411 (Toll Free) in India and +44 1252 236307 for UK.

Camera Focus Issue:

  • OnePlus 8 comes with splendid cameras, but it lacks the fast focus ability sometimes. Especially while recording a video, it locks the subject for way too long before changing the focus.
  • The camera setup also tends to lag while performing the focus on the subject when taking a multi-shot picture or video.

Possible Solution:

  • The device is no doubt very capable of fast focusing, and this issue occurs when the camera lenses are smudged or scratched. Clean it with a blower or a microfiber cloth. You can reach out to the customer service centre available near you.

Adaptive Brightness of Screen :

A very rare group of users have reported this issue on their smartphone and the solution to this has been made easy because of OnePlus’s prompt customer service. This issue prevents the phone’s adaptive brightness sensor to function properly.

Possible Solution:

  • Reach out to OnePlus technical help service at and troubleshoot this issue. If it is a software borne problem then it can be solved through OTA update.
  • The after sales service guarantees the users with all the repair, replacement at the service centre. Find out your nearest service centre online.

Other Support Options:

  • OnePlus has a pick up and drop service for their customers that can be arranged by logging your details on the website and arranging a pick up from your location. The team then responds to the same and does the rest of the job.
  • Phone conversations for small technical help is also quite easy and readily available on all days at 1-833-777-3633 (US, 1800-102-8411 (Toll Free) in India and +44 1252 236307 for UK.
  • Social media handles are run under the name of @oneplus and they are proactive on the platforms.

It is sad that OnePlus still ignored the IP rating and wireless charging, the low light video capabilities of the device are underwhelming and minor bug issues persist till OTA. Overall, the smartphone offers amazing build quality, an extremely vivid display, superb performance and clean software, solid battery life and flagship grade camera experience. All this still bundles the smartphone to a great value for money option for people who want clean Android and flagship grade experience.