Cullen Jones Oklahoma Arrested: Why was Cullen Jones Oklahoma Arrested? Charges Mugshot Explained



Cullen Jones Oklahoma Arrested: Why was Cullen Jones Oklahoma Arrested? Charges Mugshot Explained: Currently, former Oklahoma deputy Cullen Jones is making the headlines everywhere and receiving attention from people after being charged for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. This news has been making rounds on the internet and also in the headlines on every news channel. It was a very shameful act of Cullen Jones. Since the news of his crime broke out, people have been criticizing the deputy for his shameful act. weapons and zip ties have been found in his car when he got arrested. In this article, we are searching to know all the details about Cullen Jones and his arrest case. Follow More Update On

Cullen Jones Oklahoma Arrested

As per the exclusive reports, Cullen Jones, a former Oklahoma deputy has been arrested in an online predator sting. At the time of his arrest, the officers have also found weapons and zip ties in his vehicle. As we all know that the number of incidents of cyber predators has been increasing every day, another case has come out in which a former deputy sheriff is involved, however, the incident happened in the year 2019.

Cullen Jones who is a retired Oklahoma deputy was arrested by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office for trying to exploit 14 years old by having a physical relationship. Some sources reported that Cullen was arrested in an online predator investigation. After being reported about the incident, the Canadian County Sheriff’s office had conducted a serious investigation. He was found red-handed with a knife and zip ties in his vehicle at the time of his arrest.

Why was Cullen Jones Oklahoma Arrested?

As per the Sheriff’s Office, Jones had traveled to Canadian County from Okemah to have a sexual relationship with a minor girl. He was arrested in a strip mall. Apart from this, the officials found some suspicious items inside the consoles of his vehicle. The officers of Canadian County reported that Jones told them that he served as a deputy at the Pushmataha County Sheriff’s Office in the early 2000s, at the time of his arrest.

The online predator investigation started a week before and moved quickly. He was chatting with what he thought was 14 years old girl with whom he wanted to come into a physical relationship. After his arrest of him, some mugshots of him went viral in public. Not only his photos but also the photographs of his vehicle with weapons. There is not much information about the former deputy is available on the internet. Stay tuned with us for more updates.