Daniel Todd Gilbert was born on November 5, 1957, in Ithaca, New York.  Daniel is an American social psychologist, writer, and the Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.

Daniel’s hard work was rewarded when he received the Early Career Award (American Psychological Association) and William James Award (Association for Psychological Science).

Gilbert’s 2006 book, Stumbling on Happiness, won the 2007 Royal Society Prizes for Science Books. The book was included as one of fifty key books in psychology in 50 Psychology Classics (2006) by Tom Butler-Bowdon.

Daniel also had articles like Psychological Science, Social Cognition, and Current Directions in Psychological Science published in academic journals. This was done in collaboration with other Scholars.

Daniel Gilbert Net Worth

As of November 2021, Forbes estimated Daniel Gilbert’s Net worth at 31 billion dollars. Daniel owns the NBA’s Cleveland Cavalier and a lot of major companies and businesses.,