David Beckham Hands Over His Instagram Account To Ukrainian Doctor Dr Iryna



Former Footballer David Beckham has handed over his Instagram account to the Ukrainian doctor, Dr. Iryna so that she could show her staff care in the war-torn basement.

Dr. Iryna is a professional Ukrainian doctor and the head of the prenatal center in Kharkiv. She came to the spotlight after she took over the IG handle of David Beckham.

Ex-footballer and the ambassador of UNICEF, David handed his social media channels to Iryna on 20 March 2022. He did so to raise donations to help the war-torn country, Ukraine.

Many heartbreaking videos and images have come forward about the situation. In it, the babies and patients are seen being treated in the basement.

Who Is Dr. Iryna From Kharkiv? Ukraine Doctor

Dr. Iryna from Kharkiv is a professional doctor who is leading the prenatal center in Kharkiv.

She is a dedicated and respectable health professional who is taking care of her patients even during the ongoing war situation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Iryna is the head of the prenatal center and she is delivering babies and taking care of pregnant women and new mothers. She works all round the clock to provide for the needy in Kharkiv.

Dr. Iryna’s educational qualification is off the grid. But she is an experienced anesthesiologist who is truly devoted to saving people’s lives.

As per The Guardian, Iryna posted the footage and images of the newborns in ICU using the UNICEF donated oxygen generators to save their lives.

The posts have made the public emotional and worried for the people of Ukraine. As a result, they are gradually donating for the welfare of the people in the besieged country of Ukraine.

Dr. Iryna Was Handovered An Instagram Account By David Beckham

David Beckham handed his social accounts including Instagram to Dr. Iryna on 20 March 2022.

Being a UNICEF ambassador, he wants to collect more donations to help Ukraine. And he saw it as the best opportunity because Iryna can update about the medical situation continuously.

Also, Beckham wants to make sure that his 71.6M followers watch the heartbreaking situation through their own eyes and donate whatever is possible from their side.

Since the handover, Dr. Iryna began posting pictures and videos about the ongoing situation, her staff care, and her patients. Hopefully, it will spark the feeling of humanity in people.

Dr. Iryna Age- How Old Is She?

Dr. Iryna is assumed to be in the age range of 40 to 50 years old.

Her birthday details are out of the window. But she has Ukrainian nationality and she is serving in Kharkiv, which has become the constant target of Russian shelling.

Russia has been hitting Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv continuously for 3 weeks. Even in such a dangerous situation, Iryna is putting herself forward and working hard.

It can be seen that Iryna is doing as much as she can for others rather than herself.