Democrat Candidate Abby Broyles Wikipedia Explored

Abby Broyles, a Democrat candidate, does not have a Wikipedia profile. But she has a website where there is some background information on her.

She was born and raised in Bethany. She grew up watching Katie Couric and knew she wanted to be a journalist from a young age because she believed that there is a family story behind every headline that has to be reported. 

Her academics were strong as she earned her bachelor’s degree in two and a half years and began working as a journalist at the age of twenty. She worked for the NBC station in Oklahoma City for the duration of her broadcast career.

She revealed the political corruption that led to felony charges against Oklahoma Senator Kyle Loveless, which helped her earn an award-winning reporter title. 

She also disclosed a loophole that allowed a sexual predator of minors to retain his taxpayer-funded retirement and unraveled the narrative of a hush-money sexual harassment scandal at the state Capitol. 

Her strong sense of justice also made her hone her legal skills as she became an attorney as well who has experience in both prosecution and defensive sides. 

She then went to join politics, where she became an Oklahoma 5th congressional democratic candidate. However, she has now taken a step back from it following the sleepover controversy in February. 

Abby Broyles Racist Sleep Over Video Takes Up The Internet

A racist video of Abby Broyles in a supposed sleepover arrangement has taken up on the internet. According to NY Post, she was widely chastised for reportedly verbally assaulting numerous pre-teen girls while at a friend’s house who hosted a sleepover for middle schoolers. 

Following the backlash from citizens for several weeks, the Oklahoma Democrat has now ended her campaign. She was a candidate for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.

According to the reports, she went to a friend’s house on February 11 and became aggressive as she continued to drink. Then, she allegedly insulted the girls who were attending the sleepover.

What Did Abby Broyles Say Exactly?

Abby Broyles insulted girls with racist remarks who were attending the sleepover. She said words like Hispanic f**ker, Judgy f**ker, acne f**ker, and many more while intoxicated.

She recently announced her withdrawal from the campaign and said she regretted mixing alcohol and sleeping medication. Although the video is not available on the internet now, her actions and behavior have disappointed many people. 

She suffered heavy criticism, and moreover, when she tried to justify, people claimed that she changed her story several times. But, eventually, she accepted her mistakes.