Did Ashkan Amirsoleymani Attack Them Because Of Religion And Ethnicity?



Ashkan Amirsoleymani, a gym trainer, was arrested on three counts of attempted murder after the incident on Friday at Encino Hospital Medical Center. His peculiar surname has sparked the curiosity of his religion and family.

A 35-year-old Ashkan Amirsoleymani was apprehended and jailed on three charges of attempted murder by the LAPD.

He stabbed a doctor and two nurses inside Encino Hospital Medical Center on Friday afternoon after coming to the emergency for anxiety therapy.

Ashkan Amirsoleymani Arrested After Hospital Stabbings

Ashkan Amirsoleymani, 35, was arrested on three charges of attempted murder in connection with the incident on Friday, according to the LA Police Department on Twitter.

He is being put in jail on a $3 million bail. On Saturday, it was unclear whether he had a counsel who could speak on his behalf. And according to Wasitonpost, the district attorney’s office did not respond to an email inquiring if charges had been filed.

Amirsoleymani entered Encino Hospital Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley soon before 4 p.m. Friday.

Authorities claimed Amirsoleymani stopped his car in the middle of a roadway and drove to the emergency department. There he begged for anxiety therapy before slashing the doctor and nurses.

Three people were rushed to a trauma hospital in critical condition, according to fire authorities. Police subsequently stated that one was in severe condition and had surgery.

According to KNBC-TV, two of the patients have been treated and released from Dignity Health Northridge Hospital Medical Center. According to the TV station, the third victim is still hospitalized in fair but stable health.

The first floor of the Encino hospital and several adjoining workplaces were evacuated during the attack, said police.

LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton stated there was no proof that the individual, subsequently identified as Amirsoleymani, knew the victims.

He waited in a hospital room for almost four hours as SWAT team members attempted unsuccessfully to communicate with him before being captured, according to police.

Elizabeth Nikels, a spokesman for Prime Healthcare, who operates the Encino hospital says no other patients were wounded and other patients were able to be treated.

Ashkan Amirsolemani Mugshots and Wikipedia

After Ashkan Amirsoleyman is identified as the guy who attacked three medical workers at an Encino hospital, netizens are demanding his mugshots and Wikipedia.

He is the co-owner of  CrossFit Rittenhouse gym. According to his interview on Two Brain Radio, he grew up playing football, basketball, and a variety of other sports. That carried over into his high school and collegiate football careers.

However, when he was going to the YMCA, playing hoops, and doing his bis and tris on Fridays he came across CrossFit. He found a gym that was close to his parent’s house at the time, went, and started working out, and fell in love with it, and kind of left everything else behind.

Eventually, he opened the gym in partnership with Greg.

And it was back in 2012, and after that, I moved out of my parents’ house, went to Hoboken, joined another gym, met John, and the rest is history.

Benjamin Roman, an ultrasound technician, told KNBC-TV that he spotted the suspect before the stabbing. According to him he had a dog with him and appeared to be high on drugs because he was agitated and drenched in perspiration.

We anticipate the authorities will divulge information on the perpetrator as soon as further investigation is completed and the motive behind the murder is expressed.

According to detectives, Amirsoleymani has a history of attacking officers and resisting arrest. The weapon, a 3-to-4-inch knife used by him was confiscated by police.

He was taken out of the scene on a gurney, apparently with self-inflicted wounds.

Parham Saadat, a neighboring dental hygienist, told the Los Angeles Times that he and a coworker hurried across the street to assist the wounded.

“There was blood all over the floor, blood in the rooms, blood on the doctor’s gurney,” Saadat told the newspaper. He described the situation as “carnage.”

Did Ashkan Amirsoleymani Attack Them Because Of Religion And Ethnicity?

People believe the crime was motivated by religion because officials uncovered no link between Ashkan Amirsoleyman and the victim.

His family background is kept confidential by the officers before the actual hearing. Due to a dearth of information about him, numerous theories about his attack have emerged.

Furthermore, his unusual surname, Amirsoleyman, has piqued the interest of netizens.

We will update you with further information about the attacker as soon as possible.