did samuel die in elite



Élite season 5 gave fans quite a surprising season (as usual) with tons of drama, sex, and scandal. But the show took things to the next level when it revealed at the beginning of episode 4 that Samu’s bloody body was floating in a pool while the big SIM card fell out of his backpack. Samuel has been a big part of the series since season 1, so it’s kind of surprising to see the show kill off such a major character. But anything can happen on Élite, and clearly no one is safe.


In an effort to get the SIM card from him, Benjamín attempted to bribe Samu with a fully-paid-for pre-acceptance to Oxford plus a job in his company after college. But Samu told him he couldn’t be bought and that nothing Benjamín could offer him would be enough for the card. Benjamín then told Samu he must’ve expected something in return after sticking by his side through everything, but Samuel revealed it was only because he saw him as a father figure, not because he was after money.

While trying to leave, Benjamín went after Samu and tried to take his backpack away. Samu slipped and fell, hitting his head on the edge of the pool. Knocked out, his body ended up in the pool and Benjamín stared in horror until Patrick showed up. He asked his son to help get Samu out of the pool, but when Patrick tried to call an ambulance, Benjamín took the phone out of his hand.

Benjamín tried to find a way to hide the body while Patrick stayed with Samu and called Ari to come home. Rebe, who was with Ari and Mencía, called Omar to let him know what happened. They all ended up at Benjamín’s house, where they confronted him.

When they arrived, Samu briefly got up and told the group Benjamín hurt him. Then he collapsed while Mencía revealed that she called the police. As they waited for the police to arrive, Omar and Rebe stayed with Samu while also showing their anger and betrayal at the three siblings over what happened.

Samu died in Rebe’s and Omar’s arms before the police arrived.


Once the police arrived, everything slowly became a blur. Benjamín was seen getting arrested, and the three siblings comforted each other while Iván came to get Patrick back. Omar and Rebe walked away in the rain, trying to come to terms with the loss of their best friend.


While it looks like Samu died in Omar’s and Rebe’s arms, some fans don’t actually believe he’s gone for good since his body wasn’t seen when the police arrived. A sixth season of the show is happening, so it seems like we could get clarity on whether he’s actually alive soon enough.