On July 14, 2019, Bianca Devins, also known as a ‘E-Girl,’ was murdered by one of her social media followers, Brandon Clark. Here’s what we know so far about the murder investigation.

Bianca Devins, better known on Instagram as E-Girl, was a young girl from Utica, New York. Thousands of people stared at her, and she was one of many men’s dream girlfriends, but one of her admirers was stalking her.

Brandon Andrew Clark, a male acquaintance, murdered her on July 14, 2019. According to certain police reports, Clark and Devins were in a romantic connection, albeit they described it differently. After Clark, who was dressed as an incel, spotted Devins kissing another man, he reportedly killed him.

The murder of Bianca drew a lot of attention from the news and social media. Clark took photos of Devins’ remains and disseminated them widely online, eliciting both scorn and compassion. Following it, social media firms’ responses were criticized, prompting laws to be introduced.

Bianca Devins’ Dead Body Photos From Reddit on Discord

Brandon Clark, the murderer, stabbed Bianca Devins in her car as they were travelling home after a concert in Queens in July of this year. Clark chronicled the attack online, sharing horrific photographs of Bianca’s remains on social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram, as well as her friends’ Discord server.

Brandon Clark was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the murder of Bianca Devins.

To make matters worse, the photographs were emailed to her family. Bianca’s pals assumed her photo was false when it came on Discord since it was not uncommon for individuals on the network to upload uncomfortable photographs to get a rise out of others. When the killer Clark, who had been out with Bianca the night she died, dialed 911, his perspective shifted.

Clark assured the dispatcher that they could find him a dead-end road not far from Bianca’s house before disconnecting up. While the family grieved for their daughter’s death, photographs of her body circulated on the internet. Online trolls bombarded her family with the photographs, as well as provocative memes and abusive words blaming Bianca of the incident.

Brandon Clark Posted Gruesome Images After Murder

Brandon Clark gained global attention after posting gruesome photographs of Bianca Devins’ death on social media, as previously noted. Clark also slit his own throat and then posted a selfie with the body on social media. Prosecutors claimed Clark plotted the murder and researched ways to broadcast it live online.

According to the BBC, Bianca’s family complaint claims that her killer’s gruesome footage was supplied to documentary makers. As a result, they sued Oneida County and its authorities in New York State, including local District Attorney Scott McNamara.

Bianca Devins: What Happened to Her?

Bianca Devins and Brandon Clark attended a concert in New York City on July 12, 2019, where she had planned to meet another man she knew. According to a source, the murderer was aware of it and was enraged when she kissed the other man at the concert.

As a result, Clark stabbed Devins on his way home from the event. Clark was charged with murder in the second degree. He later admitted to the murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.