Donald Edwin Young until his demise was the U.S. representative for Alaska’s at-large congressional district from 1973 till date. He was an American politician and educator.

Don Young lost consciousness on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle but he was not able to be resuscitated.

Reports has it that Young passed away while travelling home to Alaska to be with the people he loved and the family.

Jack Ferguson, a lobbyist who once served as Young’s chief of staff broke the news. Ferguson again said Young was eager to serve two more years in a U.S. House that he expected would be flipped from Democratic to Republican control.

Young’s wife, Anne, was by his side before his demise.

Young in 2014 stated “The only time I’ll retire is when people want to retire me, The people decide I can’t serve them any more, they’ll get rid of me. It’s that simple.”