Pradeep Gawande, 41, is well-known for his recent engagement to IAS Tina Dabi. Find out more about their personal life.

Pradeep Gawande has been collecting Churu for quite some time. Pradeep, on the other hand, prepared for the UPSC exam by writing MBBS.

When compared to the size and population of India, he is one of the 5000 VIPs. IAS officials may appear to be insignificant.


What Is Dr Pradeep Gawande IAS Age?

Pradeep Gawande was born on December 9, 1980, and is 41 years old.

whereas, Tina Dabi was born on November 9, 1993, and is 28 years old.

He was born in Maharashtra. He’s been collecting Churu for a long time. He, on the other hand, completed his MBBS degree before passing the UPSC examination.

Since he is currently in the news due to his engagement to Tina, there isn’t much personal information about him in the media.

Tina Dabi Fiance Pradeep Gawande Net Worth 2022

Pradeep Gawande’s net worth might be estimated to be around $50,000; however, his actual income is yet to be revealed.

He is the CEO of the State Health Assurance Agency in Jaipur, and he is also an MD at Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation Limited.

The state government’s transfer and promotion orders issued on an intervening night benefited IAS official Pradeep Gawande, who was named in the Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC) bribery case by the anti-corruption bureau.

Dr Pradeep Gawande And Tina Dabi Announce Engagement -Is He Married?

IAS Tina Dabi recently got engaged to Pradeep Gawande and the two have already selected wedding dates.

They aren’t wedded yet but they have announced they will tie the knot on April 22nd.

She is about to get married for the second time after she ended her relationship with her first husband Athar Aamir-ul-Shafi Khan.

They fell in love during training with Athar Aamir, the year’s second topper. They married in 2018 after dating for a while; however, their marriage did not last long due to a variety of issues, and both of them divorced.

The application was filed only two years after the couple married.

According to Hindustan Times’ sister publication Live Hindustan, they were granted divorce by a family court in Jaipur on Tuesday. Both parties agreed to file a divorce petition with the court in November of last year.