Who is Noah Galle? And what are the charges against him?

An 18-year-old Florida boy has been arrested and charged with a high-speed crash in which six farm workers died. On Wednesday, investigators arrested Noah Galle, of Wellington, on suspicion of being the driver who killed Mirlaine Julceus, 45, Filaine Dieu, 46, Vanice Percina, 29, Remize Michel, 53, and Marie Louis in a car accident in Delray Beach on January 27.

Galle, who was 17 then, is charged with six counts of vehicular homicide, with authorities unsure whether he would be charged as an adult or as a minor. According to police, A Galle’s toxicology report was negative. However, his speed revealed ‘obvious irresponsibility’ behind the wheel.

‘He was driving a BMW M5 and there was no breaking according to our investigation,’ Masri said. ‘The vehicle was traveling northbound when it struck from behind, and the impact was at 151 mph.’

According to police, the SUV rolled over due to the incident, and three of the victims were thrown from the vehicle.

Five died on the spot, whereas the sixth died before transferring to the hospital.

Galle was just slightly hurt in the accident, and he was not arrested before his release from the hospital on Wednesday.  Later claimed that the toxicology results had been expedited.

‘This process takes time and we can’t go fast,’ Bradshaw said. ‘We’ve only got one opportunity here to get this right. If we make a mistake and these people walk, it’s back on us and it’s not what the family and the community expect.’

Galle’s attorney, Elizabeth Parker, told the sources ‘We received a call today — or Noah’s mom did — from the [Juvenile Detention Center], and they expressed concerns that Noah is suicidal,”

‘The probable cause affidavit indicates that this is not the only time that this has happened,’ Francis told WPTV. ‘This youth was previously driving approximately 180 miles an hour on a roadway in Palm Beach County.’ Galle ‘negligently operated his motor vehicle by neglecting to monitor traffic conditions,’ according to police, resulting in the incident.

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