ELDEN RING – Patch Notes Version 1.03 Reddit Explained: Recently, many gamers were facing the same issue of Patch 1.03 being released. Many users were talking about this patch, especially on Reddit. Many say that if anyone else PC performance has become worse after the latest patch. Before installing the patch, my game was running smoothly, no stuttering, and no lag was found on my PC. But after installing the patch my game didn’t run smoothly. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Elden Ring Patch 1.03 Reddit

It was laggy, showing the transparent players and didn’t hit the opponent exactly where I want to hit. The stuttering problem was faced consistently. Indoors, Outdoors, Roundtable, boss fights, group fights you name it. Everything was not smooth. Is this me that I am facing or you are facing the same problems.

When this comment was posted on Reddit. Many users were flooded on the platform, saying the same thing and agreeing with his point. One says, Not glad you’re suffering too, but glad it’s not just me at least. More likely it’ll be on their fixed radar. The Elden Ring Developers forgot to look at the patches. They brought some changes to certain overpowered skills, leading to an awkward moment for one helpless invader. This fantasy game has spoiled the gamer’s mood and now they are deleting the game from their computers.

In this game, many payers from worldwide have entered the match together, fighting for their survival and those who survived at the last. The player will win the match. This is a multiplayer game. The mechanics of this game was stable. Not so great, not so low but it was playable. This game requires a decent amount of PC. If you have the normal PC then the game will play, okay but if you are rich and have a high-end pc then this game will run smoothly without any issues. This game doesn’t require too many high specs. Just a decent PC required and good to go. Your game will run and will be playable.

Patch 1.03 have spoiled many gamers’ mood. Developers and coders are on their way to releasing a new patch so that the gamers will not face any kind of lag or stuttering. PvP is an essential part of the From Software’s souls like games and Elden Ring carries on the developer’s multiplayer legacy. Some even believe that an Elden Ring PvP DLC is in the works, which could allow groups of players to face off in the large organized arenas.